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The Devil lives in my Attic [Part.8]


Chapter VIII

"What'd ya do that for," Maggie demands once we're safely in her room.

I look at her like a teacher with a student who no matter how many time's somethings explained to them they still don't get it. "You realize you we're about to tell the person I have to LIVE with all the mean and nasty things I said about him, right?"

A light clicks in her head and all she can say is, "Oh."

I cross my arms in front of my chest and stare her down. Expecting an explanation as to why she'd just give up her best friend to the wolves like that.

"I'm sorry Will, I didn't even think about it." She says with an apologetic look. "I just haven't seen Zayden in a long time and the guy you described doesn't sound like the Zayden I know at all."

I'm taken aback by this. Zayden's not a jerky pervert to everyone! Well maybe it's just Mags 'cause his teasing probably doesn't phase her since she has no feelings for guys. So some guy she knows walking in on her while changing or something wouldn't affect her at all.

I sigh. "Well just don't go around telling the things I confide in you to the people it's about because that may just destroy my life," I say with a laugh.

She salutes me, "Yes, ma'am."

What's with all the dorks saluting to me lately. I smile to myself.

"Anyway, you think we can go back there now without you spilling all of my little secrets?" I ask. She nods fervently and we head back to Jake's room.

Maggie busts in and leaps on the sofa. "So what we gonna do to celebrate Zayd's return," she asks joyfully.

"Well we were thinking about going to the pizza joint downtown." Jake says. He shoots me an apprehensive glance as if I'm going to flip out on him out of nowhere before he continues. "sound like fun?" he asks us.

"Sure," we say simultaneously.

"Great!" he exclaims "we'll take my car."

"I call shotgun," shouts Maggie.

I glare at her. She can NOT leave me in the back with Zayden. She doesn't seem to notice the hateful daggers I'm mentally throwing at her.

I cross my arms over my chest unhappily. Why the heck is the back of Jake's car so small. I'm right up against Zayden and I'm trying to keep myself from being comfortable. I'm so relieved when we finally get to Jojo's Pizzeria that I literally jump out of Jake's little convertible.  


When we walk in the joint gets really quite except for the wild music thats playing. I had forgot just how good looking the guys I was with were. All of the girls shoot envious glares at me and Maggie.

Maggie looks around the room for any hot girls that might possibly be into her. I almost forgot I'm the only person in this little group of ours who likes guys. I stifle a laugh as the girls in the room switch their glares to perplexed looks as a result of Maggie's appraisal of them, instead of focusing on the hotties she's with.

We take a table in the corner away from the dancing in the center of the room. A waiter muscles his way through the dancers to take our order.

"What'll ya have," he asks brightly. He's about 5'9'' with shaggy brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I'd say he's about 16, same as me, and he has a lean build. All in all he's completely adorable.

"Give us a sec," I say.

"Sure thing," he says with a smile and winks at me before he walks away.

Jake notices and seems to clench his fists on the table. I disguise my delight over his jealousy and ask, "What do you guys want?"

"Pepperoni." they all say at once. Great a bunch of carnivores. I laugh.

"How about half cheese half pepperoni?" I ask. "I'm not a fan of pepperoni." I smile.

We all agree and call the waiter back over. We find out the waiters name is Tyler and I give him our order, he seems intent on ignoring everyone at the table but me so I have to, I tell him what everyone want s to drink and the pizza.

He smiles at me and walks off. Jake seems to visibly relax when he walks away. Which brings me back to what happened earlier in his room and how I got there. Before I can say anything to him though the order shows up and we all dig in.

We start talking about random things like school and sports and Zaydens' trip and such and for a while I completely forget that the guy sitting diagonally from me is the jerk I met at the door on my mother's wedding day not too long ago. We all relax for a while and then work our way onto the dance floor.

We mostly dance together in a circle but when a slow song comes on Jake asks me to dance with him so we split up. But I have no intention on dancing with him now that I've got him to myself. I pull him into a quiet corner.

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