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The Unknown Royal **VERY MAJOR EDITING**

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Song: ~Stephen speaks - Out of my league~


She ran as fast as her little legs would allow her, and she kept going with her bruised body, through the thorns and twigs that surrounded the dark woods. She squeezed her eyes shut, as the pain licked at her and hoping that the darkness would swallow her up, anything to get away from this living nightmare.  It was chasing her but she remained stuck in this endless maze.


The vivid image of this thing, this creature, suddenly flashed up in her mind and caused her to stumble a little. The sharp hazel eyes seemed to slice up any coherent thoughts, along with the soft bronze colour of its fur, and the way it swiftly padded across the damp floor to get to her.


The ball of saliva that run down her throat loudly echoed in her ears, knowing that her own fear would eat her up if the creature didn’t get to her first. But she couldn’t let that happen. She could hear the silent sound of its footsteps, as they seem to gain on her. And the fact that the sound of her shallow breathing slowly started to fog up her brain didn’t help her at all.


Yet she knew she had to keep on running.


She didn’t know why she did it, she knew that it would be a risk, but something in the back of her mind started nagging at her to look behind. She shouldn’t have done it. Before she could comprehend anything, a set of teeth were bared at her with a growl as it leaped towards her and sent her body crashing into a nearby tree.


The front of her body was pressed up against the side of the creature, feeling disgust and fear when the creature moved slightly to brush its fur against her cold skin. A quiet whimper escaped through her quivering lips.


She couldn’t move even if she wanted to, couldn’t even push the creature off of her because it placed its foot against her ankle to prevent her from leaving. Leaving was the wrong choice of word, it kept her from escaping.


Just as she was about to give up, she felt the weight of the creature disappearing yet the numbness still nipped at her body. She had no idea where she was, all she could see was the darkness that surrounded her.


Balancing her body by the palms of her hands, she let her eyes flutter open as the sunlight emerged, the clouds parting to let it seep through. But her arms did quiver slightly, like a baby deer’s unsupported legs. Though her concentration was fixed on her unstable arms, her eyes were secured on a lurking figure.


The sight of it became clear as the clouds parted more until a patch of sunlight shown over a slightly steeped bit of land. It looked like a person, a male at the very least, with his head leaned down but his body remained stiffened. All she could make out of the boys feature was his midnight black hair and the way an unusual aura enclosed him.


What was he looking at?


The sound of her audible gasp, at the sight of the bright red blood that was oozing out of a deep gash on his forearm, caught his attention. His head whipped up, alert to the sudden noise and taking on the posture of a fighter. And then she met a pair of tantalising, emerald green eyes.

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