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(Y/N P.O.V)

Laying in bed, I smiled as I continued my happy dream about mine and Harry’s future. I frowned as I felt the side of the bed lighten. I turned to face Harry’s failed attempt to get up without waking me up.

“Sorry babe I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Its okay,” I responded. I frowned knowing he was gonna to go somewhere, meaning him leaving me at home. “Where are you going?” I pouted.

“To the studio.”

“Aww okay. Fine I guess I’ll just lay in bed all horny and alone then,” I smirked.

“haha babe don’t do that to me. I want to stay with you but I can’t. And you have Darcy to keep you company,” Harry chuckled.

“Fine,” I forced myself out from under my warm covers and walked into Darcy’s room.

“I love you!” Harry called out.

“Sure you do styles.” I laughed as I walked into Darcy’s room.  Darcy was the most beautiful and adorable baby ever and she was only 5 months old. I changed her into her bright pink jumper and added some toys to her crib so she could play.

“I gotta go babe. I love you,” harry said as he gave me a kiss and then leaned down to give Darcy a kiss on a cheek.

“Mmm. I love you too, dork. Now go have fun.”


(Harry’s P.O.V)

I smiled thinking of Y/N and Darcy as I drove to the studio.

“Aye Harry!” Niall spoke with food in his mouth.

“Say it don’t spray it Niall,” I chuckled as I said hello to the rest of the lads.

We were all laughing and goofing around when Paul came in and told us it was time to get to work. I was up first so I took a sip of water and went inside the recording booth.


(Y/N P.O.V)

“K Darce. Mommy is gonna go take a shower. Wanna come with mommy?” I spoke to my adorable daughter. In response Darcy gave me her toothless smile and nodded. I grabbed Darcy’s purple P.Js and a towel and went into the bathroom. First I gave Darcy a bath and then put her in her jammies. I grabbed a blanket and set her down on the floor with some toys as I took a shower. My shower ended and I dried off and put on leggings and a sweatshirt when I heard a loud crash. I looked at Darcy who had fear in her eyes and was about to cry. I picked her up and rocked her as we heard another loud crash.  Someone was in our house. I grabbed my phone and called Harry. I panicked when he didn’t pick up so I called Niall, my best friend.


(Harry’s P.O.V)

My phone vibrated in my pocket, but I was recording so I couldn’t pick up. Ill just call them back later. I finished recording and Liam, Louis, and Zayn went in, and Niall was on the phone.

“Hey Y/N” Niall smiled. His expression quickly changed from happy to worried.

“Shit. Y/N, just calm down. Take deep breaths and ill be there in a minute.” He grabbed his coat and keys and yelled for Paul that he had to go.

“Why?” Paul shouted back. “Your almost up.”

“It’s an emergency. There is someone inside Y/N’s house and he’s coming upstairs. I have to go!” Niall shouted, frustrated that he had to explain himself. Shocked at what I just heard, I grabbed my coat and went out with Niall. This is all my fault. Y/N tried to call me but I didn’t answer. I could’ve been there already. But no, she called Niall.

“How come you didn’t ask me to come with you?” I questioned Niall as we drove towards my house.

“Sorry mate. I thought you were recording,” he shrugged.

“My wife is in danger and you didn’t think it important to tell me!?!?” I raged.

“Harry I’m sorry. I was just thinking of Y/N.”

“No im sorry. I’m just mad at myself she didn’t pick up when she called.”

“It’s not your fault mate. She’ll be okay. She always is.”


(Y/N P.O.V)

“Shh Darce its okay. Niall is on his way. “ I kissed t the top of her head as the footsteps became clearer. I moved myself and Darcy into a corner as the mysterious intruder banged on the bathroom door. He broke down the door and Darcy chose this moment to cry. The man pulled out a gun.

“Get up” he ordered, and I obeyed his orders.


(Harry’s P.O.V)

I walked inside the house and everything was scattered, and glass everywhere.

I looked at the top of the stairs to see the man having a gun pointed at Y/N. Tears were streaming freely down her face and Darcy shaking in her arms, crying. I wanted nothing but to run up to her and tell her everything is okay. She saw me and opened her mouth to say something but I put I finger to my lips telling her to stay quiet. I grabbed a bat from the corner, and slowly made my way up the stairs.

“You are a very attractive girl Y/N,” the man spoke. My nose wrinkled in disgust as the man continued. “I’m sure there is something you can do for me,” the man sneered as he made his way to Y/N. I ran to the guy and knocked him out with the bat. Y/N breathed a sigh of relief as I wrapped her in my arms and kissed the top of her head and Darcy’s, happy to have her and my baby girl in my arms again.

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