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The OtherSide (Chapters 6) [Vesta's Love Potion]



Clay's P.O.V

I don't know if I can do it.

Conscious: Oh yes you can, I know you can.

I know! I know! But look at her. Not only is it her blood, it's her lips! Damn! Why the hell do I want to kiss her. Why?!?!

Conscious: Because you lo- like her!

Yeah, that's what I thought you said. But I want to kiss her. I'm going to kiss her.

I leaned my head forward in front of her face, and I was ALMOST there. When...

Conscious: That's not right. Don't kiss her. At least not when she's sleeping.

Who are you to tell me what to do? I can kiss her if I want to you damn voice inside my head!

Conscious: Don't do it. Just trust me.

Can't I at least see what her lips feel like it?

Conscious: You can do that with your fingers. But that was still be weird, considering the fact that she's ...well I don't know SLEEPING!

Grr...Well, what does she taste like?

Conscious: Easy. Ask Vance. He'll tell you.

I hate you.

Conscious: We all know.

I starred down at her as she breathed slowly. I peered at her cheeks and little tear drop stains were left there.  

I traced her lips with my finger lightly, so she doesn't wake up. 

She stirred and I put my hand away so fast. 

Let's just hope Tyson isn't done messing with those pillans. I told them to keep them busy, and I'll give them a favor back. Stupid hormones.  

She latched her hands to my shirt, and I stopped breathing, currently because I was scared to wake her up.  

"Adam..." she murmured. I tensed. Not that human boy. It better not be that human boy, or I swear to- "Kace..." Hm, who's Kace?  


Maybe I should try reading her mind.

Conscious: Once again, I have to step in. Wrong. Don't do it. When she told you guys she was going look for something she didn't tell you what, for a reason.

What are you talking about?

I got no response, but I pulled her in closer, and I rested my head on hers.  

"...stupid pillans!" I heard Tyson shout.  

I quickly put her down carefully, and glanced at him coming this way. I kissed her on the cheek and I hurried over to him.

So how do you like that?

Conscious: Might as well throw me on the ground and kill me with that barbarian foot you got there.

Oh boohoo.

"Where's Joy?" he asked. 

I shrugged. Considering the fact that I'm a vampire, I'm horrible at lying. I just kept my mouth shut, to make sure I don't say anything I'll l regret. 

We heard a loud yawn come from the direction Joy was in. I shrugged, still pretending I have no clue that's her. 

He walked past me and to the direction of Joy.  

I was following right behind him, when something grabbed my shirt from behind. I looked back, and one of the pillans I made that deal with, pulled me towards a nearby lake. 

She giggled when she saw that I saw a bunch of other females were waiting for me. I grinned and couldn't wait for that favor I promised.

Vesta's P.O.V

I was walking in the forest near where Joy slept. I watched her from a distance, and noticed Tyson had come to comfort her, even if she was sleeping. 

I'm pissed with her. Three men are in love with her! Well, they might not know it, but I do. And Tyson was the lucky man right now. 

Carefully and quietly took out my miniature witch bowl and started putting potions in.

1 pinch of pillian hair 

2 cups of black tea 

9 fresh rose petals 

4 teaspoons of honey 

And 1 pinch of love sug.

All ready:

I inhaled the smell and pointed my two fingers towards Tyson and Joy.

"Fall in Love 

The moon is full 

The time is right 

A beautiful sight

Contain comfort 

Contain cuddles 

Contain what it's like 

To be real lovers," I finished. 

I giggled as all of the contents out of the bowl surrounded them.  

Tyson looked shocked and peered at me before realizing what I was doing. 

Instead of happiness it was shock, but I smiled anyway.  

When the rose petals finally settled on the floor, Tyson was the first one to react. 

He pulled her towards him, and they collided with a kiss. I awwed under my breath sincerely and watched as she woke up and kissed back. It had worked! 

I was getting up to go and see them when Clay came into sight.  

His eyes were full of fury and sadness. I frowned. He instantly knew what was happening and looked around for me. 

I tried to blend in with the forest more. Unlucky for me, as soon as I moved Clay's eyes shot at me. 

In less then a half second Clay was standing in front me. But, I don't even think it was him. His eyes were flaming red, and his skin was pale white.

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