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Fast Times At Clairemont High (A Pierce The Veil Fanfiction!)

-Lydia's POV-

I look down at the grass beneath my feet, and my tattered shoes dragging across the darkened meadow. I study the gaping hole on the left side of my right footed Vans, and sigh. Wind whips at my cheeks, the harsh force burning at my skin, and I creep slowly towards the edge of the cliff with shaky hands. Shivers escalate throughout my entire body and I try to silence my chattering teeth with no avail.

So this is it, I think, finally reaching the edge of the rocky cliff. I stare down at the crashing waves and sharp rocks, taking in my new home. This is how it ends. The moon was hidden behind the dark night clouds, their insides filled with storms and bad news. I could feel the pressure of rain on my head and I glance up to the sky, studying the ominous weather, and call out.

"Of course you give me rain now," I say to no one in particular. "Right at my death scene, like a stupid movie."

If my life was a movie, I probably would not watch it.

Crack! I jump at the sound of thunder and almost back off the cliff. My feet stumble and I keep my balance, trying not to fall. Then a thought hits me. Why would I care if I slipped? I was going to jump off anyway. I regain my balance and take a step back, feeling a heavy weight on my chest. I feel cold drops of rain begin to drop onto my bare arms, and a sharp pain shoots through my recent slash. I hiss and shield my arm, sick of the pain. I was sick of feeling like this. I was sick of my life.

I take one step forward.

My lip quivers as I remember the song Vic wrote and showed me a few days ago; right in this very spot, our legs dangling off the cliff as he sang melodically to me, emotion lining his beautiful voice.

When I was dead, I think I knew what I was going to miss the most.

It was going to be him.

I stand there trembling, not exactly sure what I was waiting for. It's not like the cliff was going to push me off itself. But my thoughts engross me, and a sob rises in my dry throat. I wonder if anyone will miss me, I think. I wonder who would show up at my funeral.

My Mom won't. Vic probably hates me. My Dad is too busy with his new family in New York to even realize I would be gone. My funeral will be as empty as my heart.

"...and if you don't find me at all..." I sing quietly with my voice wavering. "...then I won't care."

"Lydia!" The scream sounds like its being ripped from his throat, and I spin around, my heartbeat pounding in my skull. "Lydia! Please, don't do it!" His voice is so raw and stripped, I could barely recognize it.

But I knew it from anywhere.

He sprints frantically up the hill of the cliff and I stand there, immobilized from his appearance. I try to take a step back, to just end it- but my feet remain fixed in place.


A long cry releases finally from my throat, and my body shakes violently as he starts to slow, walking towards me with his hand outstretched. My hair sticks to my face and I struggle to see straight from the strands covering my eyes and the tears blurring my vision.

"Lydia, p-please-" I didn't realize Vic was crying until I heard him sob. "Don't kill yourself tonight." He begs weakly, extending his arm out towards me. I take a step back, the heel of my foot boarding on the edge of the drop.

"I'm sorry." I mumble, finally feeling the presence of my heart return. It aches and screams for my to take his hand, to go back- but I can't. I ruined my own life. I did this to myself. "I don't want to hurt anyone, okay? Just let me do this..." I cry, my body trembling from the coolness in the air.

"You're going to hurt me, y-you're hurting me right now," He shakes, his body buckled in emotional writhing.

"The pain will end soon," I sob, taking a small step back. Half of my foot is off the cliff and I struggle to keep my balance on the edge.

"Please listen to me!" He screams, his voice cracking. "I love you, Lydia, I love you so much...I-I don't want to live without you..." He cries, the sadness and desperation in his voice shattering my sanity.

"I love you too," I murmur. "More than anyone else." His eyes glance up from the grassy floor, a tinge of hope in them.

I felt bad for being the reason
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