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Gray Fullbuster X Reader (One -Shot Lemon )


A/N: Sorry but I have a pervy mind and since Gray is hot I thought I should make a lemon out of this! And yes I guess I CAN take a LEMON request!

______'s POV

        I walked around outside the guild trying to look for my best friend Gray. Me and Gray had been friends for a long time since he came to the guild when he was little. We both became closer and became best friends now. I've had a crush on him since I first laid my eyes on him, he was cute but now he is hot! I just can't help but look at his 6 packs! But ever since Juvia came, things changed. He and Juvia got closer a little, and we both didn't talk that much to each other. While walking I heard a 'thump', I went to were it was and saw what I never wanted to see in my whole life.. Gray was... kissing Juvia! My eyes started to water and I let out a gasp. They must of heard me, Gray turned to me in shock. "No, wait _____ its not what it looks like!" he yelled. I closed my eyes and shook my head, then I ran from them. "WAIT! ____!" I heard him yell. I cried while running and I past Natsu, Lucy, and Erza. "Hey ____, what's wrong?" I heard Lucy ask. I didn't answer but ignored.

Lucy's POV

        I saw ____ running with tears in her eyes. "Hey ____, what's wrong?" I ask. She didn't answer but she ran past us. I wonder what was wrong with her? "Hey! Guys!" I heard someone yell out. I turned to see Gray running to us. Uh-oh, did he do something? "Hey gray whats up?" asked Natsu. "Have you guys seen _____ anywhere?" asked Gray. "Yeah, she just ran past us, why?" asked Erza. "Well.. um.. you see, she saw me and Juvia kiss." he said looking down. My eyes widen in shock. "What?! How could you Gray!?" I yelled at him with anger. "What! It was an accident! I tripped and fell on her and we kissed on accident!" he yelled back. "Fine, I believe you! But you have to go cheer up _____! Let me tell you this Gray, she loves you and she always have! Go and tell her that it was an accident and CHEER her UP!" I yelled back. He looked at with a shocked expression. "S-she... loves me?" he whispered to himself.  Me, Erza and Natsu all nodded. "Hey!~" yelled a happy voice that belonged to Happy. We all looked up and he was smiling. "I heard what you guys were talking about, and I just so happen to see _____ run inside her house not too long ago! GO GRAY! SHE NEEDS YOU!!" he yelled at him. Gray nodded and ran to _____'s house.

_____'s POV

        I sat down on my bed and sniffed. 'I wish I just never saw that. I wish I never had a crush on him.' I thought to myself. I buried my face in my pillow and sniffed more. I heard my door open and close. Shit. I forgot to lock it! "____?" I heard him whisper my name. His footsteps came closer and closer, then I heard him sit next to me. "____, I can explain-" I cut him off. "What do you mean you can explain?! I saw all of it! I saw you kiss her!" I yelled at him. "It was an accident! I tripped and fell on top of her, and that's when I kissed on her accident!" he yelled back. 'Is he telling the truth? Should I trust him?' I though. I sat up and wiped my tears from my face. I was pulled into a hug. "The only girl that I would kiss in the whole world would be you and only you." he whispered in my ear. I was surprised of what he just said. "I love you, ____. And only you. I have for a very long time." "Gray, I-I lo-" I was about to finish my sentence when he cut me off with a sweet gentle kiss. I kissed back and also blushed. "I know you do." he said between the kiss. He laid the both of us down and he started to kiss my neck. I moaned when he found my soft spot. I heard him smirk and I knew he wanted to hear more.

        He continued to do that while I traced my fingers on his chest and found that he was bare chested, like always. He bit my neck and I moaned a little louder. He kissed me on the lips and took off my mini skirt. Before he could go further he stopped kissing me and ask, "Are you sure you want to go any further?" I quickly nodded and kissed him. He quickly took off my skirt and threw it on the floor along with my panties.. >///<  I close my gap with my legs so he wouldn't see. He smirked when he saw me blushing very hard. "Oh, c'mon. I'll let you see mines." he whispered in my ear. I blushed even more! I kissed him and undid his belt and took off his pants with him in his boxers. I forcefully took off his boxers and showed his.... you know what! I blush just looking at it. He saw and gave me a smile. "You likey?" he asked. I turned my head the other way. 'Ok, maybe I did like it...' He opened my legs a little and looked at me. "This might hurt, but I'll go easy." he said. I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. He crashed his lips on mine, and he slowly entered me. I moaned in the kiss feeling him inside me. He slowly started to move his body against mines and about 5 mins later the pain went away. He went a little harder and I left out a moan.

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