( Princeton love story starring you)Pass of a Life Time

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hello my name is yn. I'm 17 and I'm going to an mindless behavior concert omg I love them especially prince misfit

I just hope I don't freak out when I see him at the meet and greet

My friends


Alex and


Their all so sweet kandy goes a bit cray over ray I don't blame I would to over

Prince but-



I quickly ran out of my room downstairs to the front door

I don't live with my parents cuz they .died.

But at least they left money in a secret place

*flash back*

I quickly drove to the hospital when I heard the news

I ran to their room i cried when i saw them

Ydad: come here *weak voice *

I walked slowly to him as he lifted my eyebrow cuz he knew i was afraid to go near him he handed me an envelope he said not to

Open in till I got home

Beeeeeeeeeeep they both died on me

I cried for hours i soon got home and opened the envelope quickly

And saw some directions i followed them and I saw stacks of money but I will use this in case of emergency or If I'm just broke till i get a job

The hospital and neighbors and some friends and their parents thought i didn't have money so added all up of what the ppl gave me was 4000 dollars and what my parents gave was 100,500,000 dollars ya ya whatever they probably thought i wouldn't get a job oh well I work for... Youtube yup

*flash back over*

I opened the door to see destiny barge in she like an amazing friend you can trust her for anything especially the whole money situation..

Destiny: hey. Gurll was up hehe I don't care haha jk

Yn: so u excited to go to the concert??

Destiny: WHAT IT'S TODAY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yn: YES how could you not remember??

Destiny: haha I'm just playin I remembered what do you think this big bag is for

She said while holding up the huge bag filled with things u couldn't even imagine

She always does that she thinks we'll forget something so she just brings it just in case

Which is helpful cuz well you know we do forget things


I opened the door and saw Kandy and Alex

And of course they have a small bag with their stuff

They came in and gave me hugs

Kandy: sup Chica?

Yn: well hello how are you doing today?

Alex: don't talk classy cupcake

Yn: haha sowwy (baby voice)

Kandy: okay so u got the tickets right and don't play with me i wanna see ray!!!!!!

Yn: don't worry I wanna see prince destiny roc and Alex prod so don't worry I have the tickets