( Princeton love story starring you)Pass of a Life Time


hello my name is yn. I'm 17 and I'm going to an mindless behavior concert omg I love them especially prince misfit 

I just hope I don't freak out when I see him at the meet and greet  

My friends 


Alex and 


Their all so sweet kandy goes a bit cray over ray I don't blame I would to over 

Prince but-



I quickly ran out of my room downstairs to the front door

I don't live with my parents cuz they .died.

But at least they left money in a secret place

*flash back*

I quickly drove to the hospital when I heard the news

I ran to their room i cried when i saw them

Ydad: come here *weak voice *

I walked slowly to him as he lifted my eyebrow cuz he knew i was afraid to go near him he handed me an envelope he said not to  

Open in till I got home

Beeeeeeeeeeep they both died on me

I cried for hours i soon got home and opened the envelope quickly

And saw some directions i followed them and I saw stacks of money but I will use this in case of emergency or If I'm just broke till i get a job

The hospital and neighbors and some friends and their parents thought i didn't have money so added all up of what the ppl gave me was 4000 dollars and what my parents gave was 100,500,000 dollars ya ya whatever they probably thought i wouldn't get a job oh well I work for... Youtube yup

*flash back over*

I opened the door to see destiny barge in she like an amazing friend you can trust her for anything especially the whole money situation..

Destiny: hey. Gurll was up hehe I don't care haha jk

Yn: so u excited to go to the concert??

Destiny: WHAT IT'S TODAY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yn: YES how could you not remember??

Destiny: haha I'm just playin I remembered what do you think this big bag is for

She said while holding up the huge bag filled with things u couldn't even imagine 

She always does that she thinks we'll forget something so she just brings it just in case  

Which is helpful cuz well you know we do forget things


I opened the door and saw Kandy and Alex

And of course they have a small bag with their stuff

They came in and gave me hugs

Kandy: sup Chica?

Yn: well hello how are you doing today?

Alex: don't talk classy cupcake

Yn: haha sowwy (baby voice)

Kandy: okay so u got the tickets right and don't play with me i wanna see ray!!!!!!

Yn: don't worry I wanna see prince destiny roc and Alex prod so don't worry I have the tickets

Everyone/ yn: GOOD !!!!!!!

We all got dressed and made sure we looked good as possible and left in my car to the concert

We arrived at place they were gonna play and stood in line we were the 5 ones there a big poster caught my eye 

That read extra 4 backstage passes the pass of a life time to meet mindless behavior

Did I mention this is actually the meet and greet place so that's why I brought a backpack peace braclet a letter misfit shirt Jordan's and his fave candy the 

Girls did the same but not as much as me

I quickly got my money out and told kandy to hold my stuff and I ran out of line 

I got to the place where they were selling the backstage passes and I paid the man 800 dollars just to get 4 backstage passes i had like 200 left but that was my money that I saved for this moment  

The man took down the sign and the girls behind me gave me dirty looks but oh well but their lucky their parents didn't die

I ran back

Kandy: where'd you go Chica?

Yn: um ... Uh .. I asked for directions

Alex: to where ?

Yn: um .. The bathroom

Destiny: mmhhmm

Alex: ugh I wish we could have backstage passes and go on stage for future

Yn: ugghhhh

Destiny : hey! We have dreams!!

Everyone but me says yea!

Yn: no .. I can't hold it in

Kandy: use the directions for the bathroom

Yn: what? No! I mean .. Okay I bought 4 backstage passes !!

All 3 them did the happy dance


Great it's almost our turn !!  


Just 3 more ppl and its my turn um maybe I should let destiny go first

After the 3 ppl i was NEXT i freaked and destiny just pushed me towards prince he was starring at me with his sexy smile my reflexes came in and I pushed destiny forward then she did the same. Till I just gave up and went up to prince

Prince: hey there beautiful

Hey guys hoped you liked my new and first chapter of pass of a life time

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