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ok guys... this book is an unedtied raw first draft. that means there will be lots of mistakes, grammatical and such.  if this bothers you i would rather you did not read it, instead of posting rude comments to me after the fact. you have been warned. please dont complain. 






i was transfering to a school in brooklen. i had to move here with my older sister, and mother to stay with my uncle. my father skipped out on my mother, left her high and dry. i had to attend this new junior high for the last year before high school. fuck my father. that piece of shit. my uncle was cool, and my cousin chris was awesome. i was going with him to his school. it was cool, but he wasnt the popular type. he was ok..and chubby, but a really cool guy. i was skinny and scrawny...but i was trying to put on weight, and i knew in high school i wanted to take weight training. i planned on dragging chris with me. poor kid...


i needed to be strong for my mother and my sister. they needed a strong man in thier lives, always watching over them. i needed to do good things. but i had a bad attitude, and i was always i was hoping that things would go fine. we arrived at my uncles house around dinner time. it was summer and hot as shit. around here, you didnt need a car..everyone walked or biked or used public transportation. when we arrived. the house was small. tight for all of us. but they had a nice basement, and i was told that thats where we could hang out, and bring our friends and stuff. and chris said that they hung out on the roof late nights during the summer. 

We all ate dinner.... my sister who was 3 years older than me.....was a crazy ass chic.

she was dolled up to go out with my other cousin..chris' older sister who was around the same age. they were all sprayed up with hairspray...wearing neon mini skirts and make up up the ass. i hated girls who wore a lot of make up. i thought it was gross... i mean.... you touch them and they bleed colors all over you. nah; i liked my girls natural... minimal makeup if any....natural beauty. not that fake shit. 

anyways...we ate dinner, i got settled into a bunk bed that i would share with chris....he gave up a few drawers for me to share. that was cool. i didnt have much, so we were cool with it. my sister and other cousin catherine....were jam packed with shit in thier room, and..they also had to share a bunk. which im sure my sister hated. but we had to make the best of it. right?

fuck...this sucked.

"Come on bro...lets go up to the roof for a minute...i wanna show you something.."

"really? what could possibly be exciting on the rooftop?"

"Trust me..... you will appreciate the view."

we got up to the roof, and we went to the side....and i looked down. i swear my heart stopped. but that was just teenage hormones right?

we were looking into the backyard of the house next door. There were a bunch of thier bathing suits.... frolocking in the pool. it was mad hot... so i understood that. there were four girls....but one....

one stood out to me. she was on top of another girls shoulders...they were playing chicken... she had the hottest body i had seen in real life. she wore a one piece.... but it was like a tank top on top....then it was opened on the sides front and back...then the bottom. it was pretty much a bikini attached on the sides. top was a peachy color...bottom was a teal....she was dunked in and came back up...her suit was wet...and i could see right thru it. i almost tipped off the roof. she had to be a full c. and for her age..that was a lot.

"Who is she?"

I pointed to the girl i was looking at. the other girls didnt even get my attention.

"The one with the peach? ohhhh....thats beth......"


I was waiting for him to give me  more info.

"She is our age, she just came to our school from catholic school. shes a good girl lucas."

"Hey what the fuck does that mean.?"

"It means dont fuck with her, thats what it means."

"Hey. take it easy there like her huh?"

"Its not like that."

he looked down at the new girl....and i had to ask.

"How is it then?"

"she is a friend. thats all. im not the most popular....and i get made fun of sometimes. she doesnt like it. she flipped shit on the corner a month ago. screamed at all the girls that were ragging on me. she told them all to fuck off or she would kick thier asses."

she comes by everyday now, to hang out. she says im kinda like a brother to her. that one day im gonna be somebody, and those girls will be sorry....shes a really cool girl...not like the sluts around here. shes.......real. if that makes sense. and i dont want you messing with her. pick another girl!!"

he was pissed off!

Well......this was gonna be a great year! cause i already picked her

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