Waiting for you (poem)


I've waited for you for so long

But how much time can it take?

For me to either forget about you

Or let this fragile heart of mine break


I thought it’d be easy

Waiting for you

But it turned out

It‘s something difficult for me to do


I don’t know who you are

And I don’t know when we’ll meet

But I wonder when we do

If you’ll be able to hear my heart beat


The suspense is awful

And it keeps me up at night

You might not ever come

But I hope I’m not right


When we meet

Will we start off with our names?

Or will we just flirt a lot

And start up some confusing games?


I can’t wait for you forever

So I hope that you’ll show up

And when I pour out my love

I hope you’ll catch it with a cup


But waiting for you

Is like waiting for rain in a drought

It’s as annoying to me

As to a kid who can’t count


Waiting for you

Is like waiting in a long line

It makes me mad

Like listening to a little girl whine


And Waiting for you

Is like a kid dropping their ice-cream

It’s as depressing as going to sleep

And not having a single dream


But waiting for you

Can also be worth it

Like a baseball player

Getting his first home run hit


Waiting for you

Can also be exciting

Like watching two boxers

On T.V. fighting


And waiting for you

Makes me smile

Knowing that there is someone out there

Who will love me for more than a little while


So even though it might take time

I’m willing to wait

Wait for that special someone

For as long as it takes



This is like my lame attempt to apologize for not updating my story "My enemy, My love, My kidnapper" in like forever!! I just haven't been near a computer in a long time and am buried underneath summer homework so I hope you guys can understand that.... but I wanted to upload this poem I wrote to make it up to you guys :) So Happy 4th of July <333 Hope you enjoy :D

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