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Stuck in a girl's body and falling for a guy. Does that make me straight or gay?


The slideshow to the side there is of Requiem who is played by yummy Chace Crawford. Anywho enjoy :)



Chapter 1


"You're me and I'm you!" Zillah yelled; though her voice sounded oddly familiar to someone else's, mine.


There standing before me was... me. How this could be explained to someone who had no idea as to what was going on would be that my sister and I had just switched bodies. No joke, we were now walking, talking and breathing out of one another's bodies. Here I was with long hair and pink pajamas, while my sister wore my boxers and wife beater.


"Now that you have ever so kindly stated the obvious let's try and solve the problem," I retorted back.


Zillah was such a drama queen and she made my body look like a girl. The way she had her hip stuck to one side. Then again here I was slouching and snapping my jaw, which was not attractive for a girl at all.


How had this happened? I have no idea; all I remember was waking up as a girl and believe me when I say that it was different.


"Ugh, Requiem you did this, didn't you!" It was not a question at all, more of a direct accusation.


"Yeah good job, you caught me," I said in a sarcastic tone, "I used my magical powers to switch both our bodies so that I could wake up as my least favourite person in the world. You are one good detective."


She just glared at me and it was weird because for once I was not terrified. Since she was in my body she did not look threatening at all. So this was why she was not afraid of me. I wonder if this made me the terrifying one. I glared back at her. I swear I saw her flinch.


"Hey! You can't use my master glare powers against me!" she barked at me, once again not threatening at all.


"Yeah? Says you and what army?" I smirked, this might actually be fun, besides the fact that I was now in a girl's body.


If this was any other case this experience would have made me a pervert but this case was just disgusting. I did not want to see her... anything as a matter-of-fact. Ugh, why did she have to be my sister! All I want to do is go back to my old body. Where I won't smell like vanilla and wear nail polish. I wanted my body back; I missed my boxers and short hair. Believe it or not but her hair weighed me down. How can people stand this much hair? All I want to do is cut it all off, but Zillah would probably kill me if I did, so... I'll do it later.


"What now?" Zillah asked panicked, she really worried a lot.


But to be honest at this point I was also scared out of my mind. I mean waking up as my twin sister was not exactly my every day routine. You know wake up, brush my teeth, and comb my crazy long hair.


Nope, not use to this at all.


What had happened last night? Onward with the recap!


*Last night*


I walked up to our doorstep after finishing football practice. I was tired as hell; the coach was determined to lead our team into the finals this year. And that meant no slackers and more extra practices, along with a bunch of pushups and suicides. There would be nothing in the way of our victory; I swear I could almost see the trophy in my hands.


I opened the door walking inside, as I placed my bags on the floor and decided to head straight to the fridge. What can I say; a boy has got to eat.


I wonder if I will even get time to finish my homework? To be honest, I want to quit football. You know, take time off to catch up on my studies and just rest time. But with football I have no time. Our team is not just any normal team; we are the real deal which means that more that almost all the guys on the team depend on football for a scholarship. While I on the other hand want to earn it by getting really good grades. I look up to people on the honor roll, they really are my heroes and as much as I want to pat them on the back, I can't. Because I have to keep an image, as much as I hate it I have to. The image is as false as they come. The image is of a star football player who has all the girls and has more friends than anybody else. You know the whole boys want to be him and girls want to be with him kind of thing. Society really puts a lot on your plate and some people can eat up more than others. But then again some people's food is better than others and encourages them to eat more. You know as much as we hate it looks and riches play a big part in our lives. I was just lucky to be born with good looks and a fair amount of money. But I rarely think of it that way, I think it is more of a misfortune. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were to have to build my way up, if I did not have the looks to catch the popular clique's eyes. What if I was poor? These kinds of things make you wonder and really look up to the people who are able to do these things. It is harder than it looks. I am not brain washed in school. I know the difference between popularity and the real world. Because once I am out of here and I have a job, my status on the hot list or spot in the cafeteria will not matter. No one will care. I know I have a future and I am dependant on my studies. I want something to live up to. Not how many goals I scored in practice. I want people to know that I passed with flying colours on an exam. I want to be known as smart but, society wants it differently. And society drags me back down to reality. Where it tells me that football is all I have and that without it I am brainless loser.

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Chace Crawfordas Requiem
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