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Secrets of the Night {You Wish Batman} PART 1


**Welcome to the world of Shea Night. Love story? Yes. Predictable? I'd like to think it isn't. Hot characters? Guaranteed. Take a look and enjoy!


I opened the door to my room and looked up and down the hallway. I let go of the breath I was holding when I realized that my dad was nowhere in sight, and thankfully not watching my door like he sometimes did at night. I slipped out into the hall, careful not to make a single sound. My stomach was growling at me I was begging it to stop in my head. If my dad heard even the faintest sound I was done for. I had to have food to keep myself strong though. I would probably pass out tomorrow if I didn't get food tonight.  


I crept over to the top of the stairs and started going down them. I was careful to skip the third, sixth, and eighth stairs. They had screwed me over countless times. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I put my back against the wall and then looked up to the top of the stairs. Thankfully there was no shadow of the one thing that terrified me looming at the top of the stairs. I was safe for now.  


I sneaked along towards the kitchen. If I could just get into the fridge I would be set. I walk over to the fridge and open the door, careful to keep the light off. I see what looks like and apple and immediately grab it. I silently shut the fridge door and turn around. Then I see the silhouette of my dad in the kitchen doorway. He walks over to me slowly, and I can't help but back away. All too soon my back hits the fridge, and I have nowhere to go. Lighting flashes through the window and momentarily illuminates his face, along with what he was holding. The glint off of the knife matches the evil glint in his eyes.  


I was snapped out my nightmare by the loud buzzing of my alarm clock. I was breathing deeply and was covered in cold sweat. I sat up and took deep breaths to get my heart beat slowed down. I started to feel the usual dread that came along with each morning when I woke up. Then I remembered that today was the day I was leaving. After today, I would never have to walk down those stairs dreading what my dad had in store for me for the day. I was like fucking Cinderella with everything that my dad made me do. If only my biggest problem was that my evil parent didn't let me go to a ball. I got into my shower and continued on my Cinderella rant in my head. 


Honestly, Cinderella seems like a whiney bitch to me. Oh my life is so difficult. I have to clean my house all day while singing. I don't even want to know what would happen to me if I walked around my house singing. I shuddered just thinking about it. Her life wasn't even that bad, and yet she gets to go and live happily ever after. Those three words together have got to be the three words I hate the most. I got out of my shower and continued getting ready to leave. 


Besides she even gets a fucking prince charming to live happily ever after. Disney should be sewed for giving girls unrealistic expectations of guys. It not like prince charming is going to walk through my door holding a glass slipper going I'm here to take you away from your miserable life. I on my clothes which consisted of a plain black, tight t-shirt, boot cut jeans, and black, white, and blue tennis shoes. I never got into that whole skinny jean thing, they just seem annoying.  


I opened the door to my bedroom and there was my dad standing in the doorway. I automatically took a couple steps backward to keep out of his reach. It was a habit I had learned long ago. "I'm here to take you away from what you think is your oh so miserable life. Let's go," he sneered at me. Yes, the irony is so killing me right now. Seriously, if irony could kill I would be dead on the ground.  


I figured I should completely finish getting ready now. I was going to head downstairs to get breakfast, but I should have known better. I walked into the bathroom and studied my face in the mirror. Luckily I didn't have any bruises on my face, well none that couldn't disappear with a little cover up. I pulled my straight black hair that fell halfway down my back up into a pony tail. It would be easier to have it out of my face for the day. I then added some black eye liner around my bright green eyes. It there were two things I loved about myself, it was my hair and eyes. My hair was dead straight and completely black. Most people have a shimmer of other colors in their hair, especially in the sun, but mine simply stayed completely black. My bright green eyes had to be my favorite feature though. There had been many times people had looked into my eyes and they wouldn't be able to look away. I guess the perfect word to describe my eyes would be mesmerizing.

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