Dirty One Direction Imagines

I pulled up out-side of Nando's in Ireland were I work. It's my birthday but I had forgotten since my family don't care so I just got out of my car thinking its goibg to be another normal day. As I got in I noticed the normally full resturant was empty and my best friends Dad, the boss was talking to 5 super attractive guys. When i walked in everyone turned and looked at me, the boys smiled, my boss looked very serious and the girls I worked with looked SUPER jealous. Me: "What? Am I late? Im so sorry it will never-" Boss: "Mychel, your not late, calm down" Me: "Oh thank god, well then why is everyone staring?" Boss: "Your going to be serving these five good looking lads" Me: "Oh thats nice" Niall: "You don't know who we are do you?" Me: "Am I meant to" Acting like I didn't know but who wouldn't know them their One 'fucking' Direction!! Bitch I work with: "Yeah, unless you live under a rock or wait have no family so you live on the street, then you would know and since you do live on then street I guess it's okay" She knew I hated when people talked about my home, it was a subject that always made me cry. I didn't want to cry in front of the boys so I ran down the hall where the toilets are and sat in the corner crying. My boss being my best friends dad knew about how my mum is a drugo and a stripper and that I was the only thing keeping a roof over our heads, she beats me and lets guys rape me for money and I don't know what to do. I tried telling police but she always gets away, and I have no where to run to. He showed the guys to a table which just so happens to be where you can see me if you looked, then he walked down the hall over to me. Boss (Dave): "Mychel are you okay sweet heart?" He said while putting his arm'd around me and hugging me but I flinched away. Dave: "Whats wrong?" I got up and quickly walked towards the door to leave but he grabbed my hand and turned me around to look at him. "It's fine, I'm fine" Dave: "Then why did you flich and move away when I touched your waist?" Before I could reply that stupid girl who made me cry (Britney) pulled up my shirt to reveal a gaint burse and cuts all over my waist with dry blood everywhere. Everyone but Britney gasp. I pulled down my top and ran out of the restarant and to a park bench next to it. Not to long after I left Niall Horan walked out and over to me. He sat down an looked at me once he saw me crying he wiped my tears and hugged me being carefull of my waist. Naill: "How'd it happen?" Me: "My mum is a drugo and she beat me then smashed a bottle on my ribs" I said looking down and crying more. Niall put his hand under my chin and made me look at him, he wiped my tears away and stared into my eyes. I thought I saw Niall leaning in but I didn't realize he actually was until his soft, sweet lips meet with mine. He pulled me into his lap and I wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with his hair. We pulled away but I stayed on his lap. Me: "What was that for?" I said with a massive grin on my face. Naill: "Just so you know how beautiful you are on both inside and out"  Me: "You don't even know me" Niall: "No but I do know that I'm falling for you" He chckled while blushing and then kissing me again. I knew from then on that my life would be amaZayn (;P) as long as I had Niall in it to be there, love me and protect me from things like my mum, mean people and hurt words. Niall pulled away but kept our foreheads together. Niall: "Happy Birthday baby girl" I just smiled not even bothering to asked him how he knew....         For Mychel

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