Assassins Forever


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Before we even go to the door of the house to leave Jay came in with a stab wound. Jenny was really on a roll today. Stabbing your own partner was low. Obviously something was bothering her more than just a boring mission. Jay clapped me on the back with a sypathetic look. Had everyone heard about this mission? It was starting to worry me. 

"Don't worry about it Gage. Ace has your back no matter what. You two might as well be brothers." We laughed. It was the trueth though. I trusted Ace with my life. I may only be sixteen and Ace seventeen but we kicked ass and looked out for each other. Doc came out into the dining room just to see Jay and run back up for his medical kit. I gave Ace a 'let's go out with a bang look'. He caught on and linked his arm with mine. The guys had come down to say good bye to us now. Ace and I set off little cherry bombs and skipped through the smoke to the door. 

"Good bye my sexy people!" We called out at the same time. We heard faint laughing before we slammed the door. We raced to our cars. Ace got into the black Porche while I took the red and black motorcycle Jenny had gotten me for my birthday. Ace had stuck my duffle bag in the Porche while doc was dissinfecting my little stab wound. I smiled when I thought about Jenny. I was going home to kill the man I hate, talk to my sister, and give a speach to my old friends. This should be exciting. 

Ace and I had driven around 200 miles already. It was quite tiresome on the bike. We would occasionally stoop for gas or food. Mostly food. We were stopping again at a McDonalds. We walked in to order but we were attacked my these girls that wanted our numbers. I tried to avoid them the best I could. Ace loved it though. I ordered for both of us and picked a table. The girls followed. There were at least three maybe four of them. Of the girls asked him why I was so quiet and wouldn't talk to them. I held back a laugh. 

"He is a sour puss because he has to stay faithful to his girlfriend." He snickered at me. The girls' eyes grew. At least he hadn't told them she would most likely stab me if I didn't.  

"Hey Ace who was that girl you cheated on last month that tred to kill you?" The girls looked at Ace with disapproving looks. One of them actually gave him his number back. I couldn't help it anymore. Watching girls reject him was just too funny. The laughter came bubbling out of my mouth. Ace shot me a look full of hatred. "Ace you can't have more than one at a time anyway." He gave me a 'yes I could' look. 

"Well, bloody hell, mate! Now I can't because you scared them all away." We went back to out vehicles. I loved messing with him. He just made it so easy. 

Back on the road I navigated our way through the streets I knew so well. I was soon glad for the black and red full faced helmet I was wearing. People wouldn't recognize me too quickly. I couldn't decide where I should go yet. I pulled over at a random spot to talk to Ace. When we finally agreed that we should get the killing part over I couldn't be more excited. I zoomed through the streets not caring if I got pulled over. In front of the big white house I left behind so long ago I could tell they were fighting right now. Somethings never change. Ace noticed too. We drew our pistols with the silencers at the end and headed into the house. They weren't in the front room or the kitchen. I could hear them upstairs. I pointed in that girection to tip off Ace. He nodded. I burst through the door of the family room on the second floor. There was an aray of broken items on the floor and some blood on one of the vases. Rick and my mother were standing in the middle of the room. Mom was bloodied up a bit but was fine other than that. Rick looked shocked as I held my weapon up to get a better aim. He pulled out one of his own. 

"So you're finally back son. It's good to see you. I missed my punching bag. Where have you been?" His gun was aimed at my chest. I could feel Ace come around the corner. He had my back. 

"Mother and Rick; this is my brother and partner; Ace. We are going to kill you." My mom let out a sqeak of fear. Ace chuckled. This was all just one big game.  

"That's right mate. You shoot my partner and I shoot you. You are one sick bastard to do this to a woman and her kids. Rot in hell." With that Ace and I shot him four times. I double tapped his chest and Ace double tapped his head. His body fell to the floor with a muted thud. Mom came running to me, pulling me into a hug. She sobbed into my shirt. 

"Mom, I need you to go to Uncle Scott's house. We will clean him up for you. Go some where safe for now." She nodded and flew out the door.  

I went to get a mop while Ace put the body in a trash bag. I cleaned up the crimson blood that had stained the hard wood floors. Ace threw the trash in the bin out front. We were pretty efficiant in cleaning. It didn't matter if anyone found his body in the trash can or not, the government would write it off as unexplainable. It's all so their little killing machines don't get caught. Wehn we were done I climbed back on my bike to get over to Uncle Scott's.

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