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Assassins Forever


Here it is! revised chapter 3! Please tell me what you think! I would appreciate it so, so much.  I'm actually pretty nervous about this newer version.  I feel like it really channges alot of their personalities.  Okay, read away.  I love you :* mwah!

I woke up to a loud alarm going off in the building that I’d grown so accustomed to.  I had changed a lot in the last two years; more than I really realized.  There were things I decided to do and were forced to do that the old Gage wouldn’t have been able to handle.  All the things my training put me through made me stronger, tougher, more mentally capable; a killer.

It’s strange how little I think about my old life, whereas the first few months I was here, thinking about my old life was all I could do.  Slowly, that was beaten and trained out of me.  As I went through training, several things became very clear to me.  The other teens I was in training with were all part of this government experiment to make assassins out of young Americans.  The main question we all had was why.  That was answered when we learned about advantages such as, years of use; surprise, no one expects a teen to be a killer; and raw unmolded material.  We are easier to influence, our bodies are in their prime and will be for quite a while, and we are more capable than people give us credit for. 

Inside the program, I’m one of the “middle children”; not the oldest but also not the youngest.  The oldest member is Jay, who was there the first day I was taken.  He’s  24; one of the first to be brought into the program.  Another is my partner, Ace.  He’s around 22, but no one is one hundred percent sure because his Australian accent is so thick, half the time we have no idea what he’s really meaning to say.  One of the younger ones in Jenny, Jay’s little sister.  She’s around 16; hardly old enough to drive.  Of course she was recruited a few years after Jay because of her criminal record.  By age 15 she was halfway through the program and doing better than most of the males in the program.  She and Jay look an amazing amount alike, but that didn’t exactly stop me from being… involved with her.  She’s very flexible, and great at hand to hand combat.  Ace had the best looks of us all with his blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was mostly skilled in guns.  Amazingly, none of them could beat me.  I’m known as the “Golden Child” because of that, but I am far from Barrack’s favorite. 

Barrack is the man in charge of this entire project.  I’m almost certain it was his idea in the first place.  Everything that goes on in this building is either part of an order from Barrack or was designed to happen, just because he’s a crafty son of a bitch like that.  He also assigns all of the missions and makes any major decisions about our lives… especially if we’re going to be terminated.  So far I’ve only seen that happen once. 

I shook those thoughts of Macy from my head as I ran towards the briefing room.  The alarm basically calls all experienced assassins into the room for a high priority target.  Occasionally we bring one of the recruits with us, but most of them aren’t ready for something so stressful and demanding yet.  The only way to go from a recruit to a full-fledged assassin was to pass the nine tests, which normally took at least four years.  Jenny and I did it in two, but we are exceptions.  She had extra help from her loving older brother, and I was just born to be here.  That, and I kind of have a reason to be so driven.  Just thinking about it makes me more motivated, as well as growing the possibility of my termination or worse.

Jay, Ace, Jenny, and a few other top kids were gathered around a cork board with information on it.  This wasn’t one of Barrack’s usual information distribution tactics; however it did get the job done without him needing to actually come to the compound.  Unlocking the gates and making sure none of the young recruits that might want to escape, didn’t know where we were or how exactly to get in or out of the compound was way too much hassle for him some days.  Please note my sarcasm and acidity towards Barrack.

Jenny turned to see me approaching them with a small smile playing on her lips.  “It’s a full team deal, Gage!” She said.  If the whole team was needed that means this was a very complex and a very high priority hit.  Most likely a leader from another country that was opposing the United States or that supported a group that posed a major threat to our national security.  Jen was the only one that really liked full team missions.  For the rest of us it meant more time with people we didn’t always like to be around. 

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