An O2L FanFic!

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Hi guys! My first story hope you enjoy!(: I might get writers block so please forgive me):

Let's get this story started!!

Hannah : Long brown hair, brown eyes , tall.


*Hannah's POV*

   I sit in class staring at the clock waiting for it to hit 3:30. I tap my pencil on my desk and look around the room at everyone around me.'Am I really surrounded by idiots?' I think to myself as the clock hits 3:28. 'Ugh COME ON!, I am SO ready to get out of here'. The clock finally hits 3:30 and I jump up and start walking out at a fast pace. I notice a boy by the lockers talking to one of his friends I guess.I start walking there way and smile. 'Hi, I'm Hannah' I smile and hold out my hand at the guy, "Hello Hannah,I'm Jc" He grabs my hand and shakes it.I shake his friends hand and he tells me his name. "I'm Ricardo, nice to meet you Hannah" He smiles and I smiles back at him. 'So would you guys like to hang out sometime? Maybe later? I mean if you're not busy or anything.'"Oh no we're not busy, We were just going to make a You Tube video that's all' Ricardo says and looks at Jc. "Yeah that's all we were really doing today, but if you want you can hang out at our place today?" He say and smiles at me.I giggle and smile back at him 'What kind of video were you guys doing?' I ask politely. "Oh well it's Random week on O2L would you like to be in our videos?" Ricardo ask me and I nod my head. "Cool!, Here's our numbers just text us and we'll come pick you up!" Ricardo adds after I nod my head. I Smiles and walk outside with them chatting and they get into their car and I start walking home. On my way they pull up next to me and ask if I want a ride. Of course I say yes, my feet were KILLING me! 

   They drop me off at my house and I walk inside and say hi to my mom, I run upstairs and change into a loose fitting shirt and some shorts and curl my hair perfectly. I slip on some sandals and text Jc telling him to come pick me up. I hear the door bell ring and I run to get it. ' I've got it mom!' I stop in front of the door and open it for him. "Hello" he smiles and waves at me, I wave back and let him in the house out of the sun. 'You can sit anywhere I need to go grab my phone and purse' I jog back upstairs into my room and grab the two things I need then use the bathroom before I go, (I don't wanna be awkward and use his!) 

*Jc POV*

She opens the door and I see her, she's really pretty. I'm so awkward all I can do Is wave and stand there. She lets me inside and I stand inside looking around her house quietly. I see her mom in the kitchen. 'You can sit anywhere I need to grab my phone and purse' She says as I watch her go upstairs and I Just stand there awkwardly trying not to be seen by her mom. I see her come back downstairs and she hooks her arm with mine and we walk out of her hose and get into my car. I open the passenger side car door for her and let her in. I close the door behind her and get in the driver seat and turn on Matt & Kim on my ipod. We get to my house and pull up into my driveway. We get out and walk into the house where Ricardo and Ricky already have the camera out filming.

   "Wha'ts up O2L!!! It's Jc here with a special guest-" Pulls Hannah in and Introduces her to the camera. "Hannah! So this week on O2L we're doing...Well we're not doing a damn thing...". Ricky jumps infront of the camera " WHAT IS UP O2L IT'S YAH BOY RICKY DILLON HERE AND IT IS TIME TO DANCE!" Everyone gets out of shot but Ricky and he starts dancing. We all start Laughing and I take the camera away from him and my face is really close to it so t gets foggy from my breath and I back the camera away from my face some. "Shhhh, It's okay Ricky is just really hyper right now and doesn't know what he's doing" I whisper to the camera and look over at Ricky still dancing. He Jumps over to me and slaps me softly "WHAT CHU THINK YOU TALKING ABOUT, YA TRIPPIN' " I laugh and place the camera down infront of Ricardo and he just looks at the camera as me and Ricky play fight and he knocks me on the ground. Ricardo turns the camera towards us as Ricky helps me up.


That's it for now): Hope you enjoyed it so far(: Also i'm going to be adding Kian Sam and a special guest in next chapter ^_____^! So stay tuned for the next episode 

Also Give me your opinion on it, I need to know if it was boring or do I need to add more? I'd really like the feed back(: