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Love Can't Be Destroy (Winx Club)


Both dragons stood before each other, waiting. Sky stood still in the shadows, his body stiff in fear. This was not what he was expecting


Electra turn her massive head in his direction, mouth opening, flashing her teeth. A howl of black flames arrupted around the mighty beasts. Bloom flap her wings, destroying the flames. Electra was still looking at Sky, her dragon eyes' narrowing. Then her tail rose up into the night sky, becoming smooth and sharp

Behold! Your love's death! Electra said, coldly. The tail arch downward; Sky didn't have the time to react. He close his eyes.


His eyes flung open. An orange glow shielded him. 

You shouldn't have come back, Bloom said. Her face looked pain at the young King.

"I will never leave you to fight this battle or any battle where you will not return back to me," Sky whispered, his face turn to the side. Bloom gently nuzzle her face against Sky's back. Sky turn around and smile at her.

Electra snarled. She again raise her tail, ready to strike.

Go back, Sky.

"What?" Sky shooked his head.

I said go! Adam and Phoenix needs you, right now! They need one of right now! They can''t lose both of us! I can feel them, they are in - - - Bloom sharply deflected an attack from Electra. Electra stop this madness!

Any madness will end when you are dispose of! Elctra sneered.

The mighty dragons then stared at Sky.

Run! Bloom yelled at him.

Sky ran, regretting his decision but he has a family now. Bloom's right, Adam and Phoenix comes first now.


Aisha felt her body burning like she was cover in oil and flames were burning her. What made it worse was the burning sensation inside and outside of her body. She could have laugh, if she wasn't in so much pain, that she wasn't even burning. She could hear the occasional mutters, whisphers, and screams. Her ears would cringe at the harsh wails of the twins.

She couldn't see anything. She couldn't feel anything except the fire burning her. She couldn't hear anything except for the harsh wails of every magical being in pain. The Nature, itself, is offbalance. Chaos is everywhere.

She prayed that Bloom will save them all. You are our last hope, Bloom. You are the one to end our pains, our tragic losses Electra has caused upon us.

With that, Aisha let herself succumb to darkness, for it was the only relief she has.


Bloom and Electra clawed one another in the darken sky. Lightning flash all around them, never striking them.

Why are you doing this? Bloom asked, deflecting Electra's blow. She watch as Electra pause, her blackless eyes flash something. It was sadness but it was gone quickly.

You don't have to worry about me! Worry about your upcoming death!

Why were you brought back? Bloom roared, sending a pillar of in Electra's direction. Electra used her wings to destroy the fire. Everyone''s gone. Everyone's gone. My fault...MY FAULT!!!!!! Electra wailed in anguish. She was torment with her goal and her past. No!! With a shake of her massive head, she glared at the other dragon.

Electra's tail impale into Bloom's right shoulder. Bloom let out a cry.

The more I attack you, your body will succumb to the poison. It will eat you alive, inside-out.. You will die before I can do the finishing blow.

Bloom felt her shoulder going numb at first before it started to feel like sharp needles were striking her. She let out a small whimper, backing away from Electra. Elecrta sneered at the firey dragon, now injure.

You are not Kirito, the Great Dragon King, who defeated me! She stated, cackling.

Bloom stared at her, her eyes blazing from an orange hue to a blue hue.

No, I'm not like my ancestor.

Electra stared at her in confusion; her wings flapping and then folding to her side. Electra's eyes widen in shock as Bloom drew closer, blue and orange flames erupted around them, replacing the black flames.

What is this? Electra asked in wondered. For the first time in a long time, she felt afraid. The Great Dragon in that moment took control, wrap its' firey wings around the Shadow Dragon.

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