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Please Be With Me ( Natsu and Lucy FanFic )


Hiya guys!

Its me ErzaScarlet444!

AND I have a second book and its "Diary Of A Highschool Rock Band (FairyTail FanFic)" 

Read it and you all will have fun!



Chapter 4

"Lucy... Lucy!" Happy flew right into Lucy as soon as he woke up. Tears streamed out like a water fountain out of Happy's huge eyes.

"What's wrong? Don't cry...'s fine... it'll be fine..." Lucy hugged Happy in her arms, patted his head gently.

"Natsu... Natsu..." Happy couldn't stop crying, he kept on rubbing his head in Lucy's soft breasts. His tears wetted Lucy's clothes.

"Calm down, Happy. Let's go back to the guild first and I will go with you to find Natsu. Tell me where Natsu is, okay?" Lucy got her keys, attached them on her belt.

They are currently at Poluchka's place due to Happy's injuries were very serious.

"Go right now, since Happy is recovered." Poluchka demanded, "I hate the smell of humans."

"I'm a blue cat though..." Happy spoke softly.

"Get out right now." Poluchka got frustrated, she took the broom and started to whack them.

"Ah! We're very sorry!" Lucy ran to the door and rushed outside with Happy in her arms.

On the way back to the guild, Lucy didn't even see Happy stop crying. The tears of Happy never stopped. Lucy has never seen Happy this sad before. Something bad to Natsu has definitely happened. Lucy forced herself to not think about it.

"Happy, we're back here now. I'll go ask Master about leaving for a few days so we can go and find Natsu together." Lucy walked towards Makarov's room on the second floor.

Happy didn't say anything. He kept his head in Lucy's chest, refused to see anyone. He rolled into a small ball and cuddled in Lucy's arms.

Lucy walked up the stairs, ignoring everyone nearby. She knocked on Makarov's door, Happy was still in a very low mood. "Master, may I come in?" Lucy spoke in her normal voice. She tried not to panic or anything like that.

"Come in, Lucy." Makarov spoke; he was sitting on his chair, reading the Weekly Sorcerer magazine.

"Master, please allow me to leave the guild for a few days." Lucy's voice was serious, her facial expressions didn't show that this is a joke at all.

"No." Makarov declined her request coldly; he placed the magazine aside on his desk, and stared into Lucy's eyes.

"But... Master! You can't just leave Natsu alone like that! He is in danger! I need to go!" Lucy talked against him, as she slammed her hands on Makarov's desk.

"I said, no. Don't risk your life for Natsu! We live for our comrades' sake! We don't die for them! We live and support each other!" Makarov spoke in a formal manner. "I've already send Erza to where he is so he will definitely be fine. Now, go back Lucy."

"But Master!" Lucy lowered her head, she didn't want to leave Natsu there alone, and she wanted to be with him. No matter what happens. "Natsu is... Natsu is..." Lucy tried to let her tears go back, but they still managed to escape from her eyes and dropped on Makarov's desk.

"Don't worry, he's safe. But the place he is at right now is very dangerous. I recommend you to stay at the guild and don't go anywhere." A think, clam voice that belonged to a little girl appeared in their ears.

"Master... Mavis..." Makarov didn't believe Mavis will actually come to the guild. He thought she was playing around with the creatures at Tenroujima.

"Third Master... you should know how dangerous that place is. Don't let her go... for our comrades' sake." Mavis' face was cold, "This is no joke. Unless you want to risk your life for him, and your future for him. I'll tell you where he is, if you're not scared of death." Mavis turned her head towards Lucy.

"Master Mavis, please tell me. Nothing can block my way, nothing will block my way. I'm doing this for my future's sake. Natsu, is my future." Lucy was very stubborn this time, Happy jumped out of Lucy's arms and stood next to her. She needed to see Natsu safe and sound, no matter what.

Mavis lowered her head, "Forest of the Dead. Also known as 'Dwelling of the Shinigamis'. You should know where that is. The boarding area of Magnolia." She looked towards Lucy, showed slight of worry.

Lucy stood silent; Happy didn't say a thing about it. She doesn't understand why Natsu would go somewhere over there. "Why... would he go somewhere... like there? Why does he have to go somewhere like there but not somewhere else?!"

"Natsu heard, that someone said, Igneel is somewhere over there. So he went there, to find Igneel. That's why... he said those words to you... Lucy..." Happy raised his head upwards to Lucy. "I got hit by something, when I woke up... I couldn't find Natsu... I couldn't find him every corner that I had searched for... So I came back to ask you Lucy... Help Natsu! Please! Lucy!" The tears in Happy's huge eyes never stopped.

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