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I'm Falling for a Ghost(hold till December)


Sigh. A new life is what most people wish they have when everything doesn't go their way. I always wanted to start a new one ever since I was in the eleventh grade, when I had my first crush and was bullied for it. But that’s all in the past now, and a new life where I yearn to have is finally here.

"Emily, sweetie are you hungry?” my dad, Richard asked.

My father, he is such an overprotective dad, when he heard about how the students in my class were bullying me, he did even hesitated to change me to a different school. Unfortunately, the rumors spread to my new school, which cause my new school to react the same way as my previous one. Finally, my parents thought it was enough and they decided it would be better if we moved.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I promise you will be very happy here," my mother, Alice said, "I was raised here, and everyone here is nothing but friendly."

Here is Eastern Europe; we are in the Romanian territory in Transylvania. My mother says we are a descended from a noble family. At first I did not believe my mom when she told me that until she showed us the pictures of the castle that belongs to her. But i should have seen it coming, my parents always acted so high stander, well mostly my mother. My mother is a beautiful auburn color hair that reach just below her shoulders, she has ivory skin with a hint of freckles across her nose. She also has icy blue eyes that my father told me not even a sapphires can compare. My father, he is very tall, little bit tan, has brown eyes, and has dark brown hair which is short on back and sides, with added length on the top. I have my mother graceful manner, and my father strong adventurous will. I also have my father's hair color and eye color, while I have my mother's ivory skin color. So when we arrive here, I must say I was shocked to find out about it, since it really wasn't a lie, but it didn't really matter at the moment, I just wanted to leave our country for all the pain it has caused me.

"Emily, Emily, sweetie are you ok?" Alice asked.

"Sorry mother, just thinking about how my new life is going to be like."

"Well sweetie, it's just like your mother said; this place is nothing but kindness." Richard responded. I just nodded my head, unsure of trusting my own voice.

I looked out the window to see nothing but woods, meadows, and land.  My new school is going to be a forty minute drive, lucky me.

"Emily look there it is, your new home." my mother smiled as she really thought she was in heaven. But I can't really blame her; the castle was a classical gothic with a modern style exterior. It had the cone tips, color style glass windows, and huge front doors. It had a beautiful rocky stream around the front of the castle, a couple of almonds trees in the front.

"I already hired our cleaning staff so the castle is good as new,” my mother said, "if you want sweetie, you can go choose your own room?"

Again I just nodded my head, really sure I couldn't trust my voice, I was too in trance with the castle I felt like a lost princess finally found. My father parked the car in front of the castle and  I just told out my backpack and got out of the car. I hesitated; I didn't know either to knock on the door or just open it and wake in. As if someone read my mind, a man opens the door.

"You must be Miss. Emily Moon, hello my name is Michael, and I'm your butler."

"Hello Michael, I hope the castle is clean enough for our stay?" my father asked.

"The castle is most livable at the moment, most of the rooms, kitchen, and living rooms are cleaned, but some of other rooms have to be washed."

"Thank you Michael, you and the cleaning staff can have the rest of the day off as soon as lunch is served."

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Chapter 1: The Move In


Orlando Bloomas Richard
David Henrieas Chad
Emily Browningas Emily
Nicole Kidmanas Alice
Jared Leto as Lord Alex

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