Reaching You (My Prince's Spin-off. Soon to be published)


NOTE: Reaching You is a spin-off story of My Prince. Hindi po siya book 2. 


Reaching You


How can I ever forget her if all the things that I do, it reminds me of her?


How can I ever touch you if you’re too busy doing everything that you’ve done together?


How can I ever be happy if my only happiness was taken away from me?


How can you see my efforts of making you happy if you thought she’s your only happiness?


How can I ever love again if I cannot forget her?


How can you hold my heart if you’re still holding hers?


This is the pain of moving on.


This is the pain of fighting with the past love


But I still believe that someone will come to save me from this pain.


But still I hope you could see that I’m willing to be your savior.


I’ll find love again.


Will my feelings be able to reach you?

"Your heart is like a star. No matter how hard I tried to reach you, you are still beyond my reach. Should I just content myself with merely looking at your bright face even though I know, behind those smiles is a broken heart?" - Amber Lopez


Author's Note: Eto na po! Spin-off ng My Prince! Doon po sa mga hindi pa nakakabasa ng My Prince mas ok po na basahin muna before ito para po mas maintindihan yung flow ng stories.


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Koike Teppeias Ren Salvador
Kitagawa Keikoas Amber Lopez
Ben Barnesas Blake Williams
Ashley Greeneas Autumn Helling
Miura Harumaas Jiro Festin
Nagasawa Masamias Arcie Morales

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