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One Direction One Shots/Preferences


You were cooking dinner on a Friday night for you and your boyfriend of 6months, Niall. You were Making His favourite dinner, Lasagne. As you were nearly done, you heard Niall walk in.

"Hey Babe" he said as he kissed your cheek, then went to the fridge even though you were making his dinner.

"Hey Ni" you replied with a smile. Soon enough you finished cooking, so you got the plates and knives&forks out, ready. You dished the dinner out and served it to niall.

"Thanks Princess" Niall smiled, literally drooling over his food.

"Its okay" you told him. Niall was a VERY fast eater so he finished his in less than 5 minutes, so he started on the dishes intil you were done. Soon enough you were so you switched. Half way through, you felt Niall's warm hands rap around your waist, and rested his chin on your shoulder. You then felt him kissing your neck and collar bone, but you decided to ignore it.

Soon enough, Niall noticed that you were ignoring him so he spoke up "Come on babe, its been a while"

" No, niall im not in the mood. Maybe tomorrow?" you questioned.

"pleaseee" niall begged and dragged you upstairs.

"Niall, i havent finished the dishes" you laughed

"im sure they can wait now, cant they" niall smirked and carried you up the stairs over his shoulder.He set you down on the bed and kissed your lips, slowly moving to your collar bone and neck. soon enough he found your soft spot and began sucking on it, earning a light moan from you and you felt him smirk against your neck as he gave you a love-bite. niall stripped you down to your pants and bra.

"this isnt fair, now is it? im half naked and your fully clothed" you said.

Niall smirked and said "well were going to have to fix that then, arent we." very very slowly, niall began removing his white v-neck and black skinny jeans. He then reached for the back of your bra and un- clipped it. He began rubbing your breasts, sucking them lightly, but getting rougher as time passed. "mmmm niall, yes baby!"you groaned.

You felt his Manhood getting harder as you moaned, making you wet. "please niall, i need you" With that, he pulled down your laced thong, agonisingly slowly. "niallllllll" you moaned. 

"Yes Y/N, whats wrong" niall teased

"please hurry!

"hmmm, let me think about that" niall whispered seductively, but he did what you said. he spreaded your legs open and kissed up your thighs, making you shiver at his touch.

Niall got closer and closer to where you need him. "ooh, already so wet for me, (Y/N)?"

He began to lick up and down your wet slit, teasing you to see your reaction..

"Please niall, fasterrrr" you begged. niall then put two of his long fingers inside of you, still licking your clit, but harder now. the pleasure was overwhelming. " OHH MYY GOSH, NIALLLLLLLLLLL AHHHHHHH"

"Thats it, Bitch scream my name" niall demanded as he curled his fingers, hitting your g-spot every time.

"NIIIAAALLLLLLLL, OHHHHHHHH FASTERRRR PLEASEEE" You moaned,very loudly. Niall was pumping you faster than ever, still sucking you. as you thought you couldnt possibly have any more pleasure, he added a third finger, causing you to scream, so loud you were sure the neighbourhood heard you. You felt the tingly feeling in your stomach, and you knew you were close, so did niall. he began doing what he was, but even faster, sucking harder.


You pushed niall on the bed and straddled him. You pulled down his boxers, and got to the job straight away. You pumped him harder and harder, causing to roll his yead back in pleasure. "Pleaseeee (Y/N) dont tease, ohhhhhh"

You licked the tip of his shaft, before taking him all in. you sucked harder and harder, causing him to moan, turning you on. You wanted him now, so you started humming on his manhood, " OHHH  (Y/N) PLEASEEEEEE- IM SOO CLOSEEEE PRINCESSSSSSS, AHHHHHH"

This gave you motavation, so you just done your job even faster, if thats even possible. Soon enough you felt his warm juices filled you. "OHHHH YEAHHHHH (Y/N)" Niall moaned in pleasure. you swallowed him. Niall flipped you two over, so you were on your back and he was in between your legs.

"You ready princess?" Niall asked. You nodded in response,

" Please niall, noww" you begged. Niall pushed half way into you, and the pain was very sharp and sudden. you felt a tear escape your eye, it was that bad. niall kissed it away and said "You okay Princess?"

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Harry Stylesas himself
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Y/Nas You

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