Austin Mahone Imagine

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(Y/N) - Your Name

(Y/BF/N) - Your best friend name

"Psst, (Y/N), look at that boy over there!' (Y/BF/N) said. You looked over to where (Y/BF/N) was pointing. It was Austin, you're crush since grade 4. He was with his friends, chatting. When he saw you staring at him, he smiled and waved to you. You started to blush. During Math lesson, Austin passed you a note saying "Meet me at the park after school.' You looked over him and smiled. After school, you rushed off to the park. When you got to the park, Austin was already there. How the heck did he get there so quickly? You thought to yourself. You walked towards him. 'Do you want to go grab a drink or something?" Austin asked. 'Sure' you replied. You got into Austin's Range Rover and head to Starbuck. After chatting at Starbuck with Austin, you decided to go home as it was late. Austin offered you to sent you home. When you were going out of his car, Austin grabbed your hand and kiss you. You kissed him back. " I been wanting to ask you this, (Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?' You were too shocked to react. You nodded your head and said yes. He kissed you again but this time, its was a long and sweet kiss. After kissing, you and Austin exchanged number and got out of his car. You waved him goodbye and blew him a kiss. You chat and text each other all night.

Sorry If it suck and dosen't make any sense. This is my first imagine so its not so good. But it will be better next time. Remeber to vote and comment if you like it.