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She's Just Different

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" Where are we going after this?" I groaned loudly from exhaustion. All we've been doing is stopping at random stores along the street. Mostly ones like Victoria's secret, which Gage refused to go in, ( Can't blame him there) and Gucci, Forever 21. I've had enough shopping for one day.

At least at the mall, both me and Gage slipped away from everyone and snuck into Hot Topic and bought ourselves a couple shirts and pairs of skinny jeans. We actually got this matching hat, I think it's some sort of Domo hat.

Right now were standing around the line for DQ in the mall. I wanted a Mocha Moolatta before we left so Bailey, Jillian, Kaitlyn and Dixie are all getting vanilla cones. Gage was gonna get a large shake and I agreed to share that with him. Which of course is what the Mocha Moolatta is. Alex is in the little kid's play pen in the middle of the mall enjoying himself, probably making friends and crap.

My father sighed and rested his hand on my shoulder." Will you relax? You bought some stuff. Now it's me and Dixie's turn to look around. You can go walk around and maybe we'll meet back here in a about say an hour?" He looked at his watch for a minute then glanced around.

" Adults don't shop that much." I frowned, and crossed my arms glaring at him.

He narrowed his eyes at me. " Enough, Scarlett. You bought some stuff. It's out turn." He wrapped an arm around Dixie as the cashier handed me and Gage the shake.

" Thanks." I mumbled throwing her a smile before grabbing Gage's hand and leading him away from everyone else. They can go crap shopping. We can just walk around.

" You sure are a hand full towards your family too huh?" He smirked down at me, taking a long sip of the shake before handing it to me and swinging his head to the side to get his bangs out of his eyes.

I shrugged." Ya. Always am now and always will be. You may have caused me to gone a little bit more sweeter towards you but that doesn't mean your gonna cause me to listen to my dad all the time." I grinned.

He chuckled and slowly shook his head, bringing his arm around my waist." Wouldn't expect it at all. Anyway, I like how your acting now. It's what I fell for." He shrugged, leading me towards random stores.


Once we were home, I basically flew out of the car with relief. I hate shopping. I can only imagine what they have in mind for next weekend and how the hell am I suppose to survive a full day with them of whatever it is.

Gage cam back to the house sine I was gonna go hang out at his house after, so we mine as well just walk there. Little did my dad know he lived so close that we could walk. I regret telling him that. Now he's gonna keep an eye on me 24/7 like he knows i've been already sneaking around to go there.

I lead Gage up to my room, Alex clinging to my legs. I stopped in my room doorway and grabbed Alex from my legs.

" Alex, I promise i'll do something with you later today or tomorrow. But for now, go play with your toys." I set him down and he nodded.

I ruffled his hair and he ran off in the other direction towards his room.

" I never knew you were great with kids." Gage smirked, collapsing on my bed and folding his arms on his stomach.

I brought all my new clothes to my walk in closet and started putting them away." Ya well you have to be with a little brother you've grown up with for four years am I right? And your good with kids too. You immediately warmed up to Alex." I called back, folding some skinny jeans on the shelf under the shirts and hoodies hanging up.

I heard the clinking of the chains hitting his combat boots as he walked in.

" Well, little kids can be annoying and some arn't. Alex isn't." Then he started looking around." Holy, Shit. This is a pretty damn big closet you got here." He raised his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes and shrugged, putting my hat in the corner with the others I brought from home." Dixie is rich. What can I say, I'm spoiled. I mean, it's not like I don't like this walk in closet but I kinda never really liked big houses and big spaces. I haven't once used the hot tub in the bathroom." I cleared my throat.

" There's a hot tub in your... bathroom?" He leaned against the doorway with his arms crossed in front of him and a look of confusion on his face.

I nodded." Yep. Haven't used it and i've already been here for awhile. I guess you could say i'm not the swimming type." I shrugged.

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