My Texas Lover (An Austin Mahone Love Story)


Chapter 4

2 months later

Today is tryouts for basketball and cherleading.Of course I'm trying outfor basketball but I heard Sette is going to try out for cheerleading. Her mom is taking them to school today so I drove in silence..I haven't saw her all of winter break except for Christmas...and missed her very much.When I got there she was standing by the lockers with Jasmine and Sadie..they've gotten even mor closer during these  3 months and always hangout...too muchfor my liking but anyways, I walked up to them and wrapped my arms around her waist.


"Hey Austy" she said sweetly

"Hey Baby" I said just as sweetly

Then we kissed..It feels like everytime we kiss I feek more alive than a new born baby.. We continued to kiss until they cleared throat..We pulled away and they all were looking at us with theyre eyebrows raised, I just rolled my eyes..

"So you trying out for cheerleading?"

"Yepp!! You trying out for basketball"

"mhm..hey you wanna hang out after school?"

"oh sorry..I'm going out with the girls tonight..maybe next time"

I rolled my eyes again

"Yeah whatever..I got to go"


She tried to kiss me but i turned my face..she looked hurt well now she knows how I feel everytime she rejects me. I walked away to the gym to get the papers and ran into Clairesette...

"Oh sorry Clarissette..didnt see you there"

"It's ok Austy"

"Erm..Its Austin and I got to go"

I tried walking away but she stopped me..

" What's the rush, we can have alittle fun?.."

"One ew, two no thanks, and three what the fucks your problem I'm dating your sister"

"so it's not like you get any from her anyways"

"it doesnt matter you dont jus-"

She cut me off by crashing her lips to mine and I tried to push her away but I sorta got hypnotized..After a while of tongue sex with her I hear a gasp and pulled away..

Lissette's POV

I was highly confused on why Austin got pissed at me just for denying the date..But now that I think about it I acutally been ignorinf him and hanging with the girls more..Ima go find him and apologize. 

"Guys I'll talk to you later. Ima go find Austin"

I walked around the entire school until I figured he might be in the gym so I walked there and heard noises so I walked softer and turned the corner to see..

Austin pinned to the wall by none other than my sister with theyre lips attached but you can almost see they're tongues shoved down eachothers throats and spit swooping at first I would've thought she's forcing him to do it but when I saw one of his hands on her ass and the other had her leg hitched on her hip.. This was too much for me too hand I couldnt breathed I gasped andu nfortuantly they heard and pulled away.

When they saw me Austin walked directly towards me with guilt,regret, expectance,and a broken look on his face. Every step he took forward I took back 

"Lissette-" His voice broke when he said my name barely above a whisper

"No, please tell me what I saw isnt true. Please tell me I;m going to wake up and find this all just a very bad nightmare."

"I'm so sorry baby but just wakeup"


"Lissette wakeup!!!!!!!!!"

I slowly opened my eys to see me in the nurse's office with The Nurse Mrs.White and Austin hovering over me..As soon as I opened my eyes he tackled me in a hug thaat was very tight but I didnt care I hugged him ust as tight back maybe even tighter.. Just happy to know that it was not real and he is still faitful to me.

"Oh baby! I thought something was very wrong..all I did was take you outside of History to talk about that thing that happened with Avery but you fainted and I almost lost my mind don't ever do that again!"

I giggled alittle and said "Well sorry for..fainting and I forgive you"

"You what?" he asked confusedly



I nodded my head and then I felt his lips on mine again right where they belong..right where we belong.

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My Texas Lover (An Austin Mahone Love Story)


Bianca Castronovoas Lissette Parker
Austin Mahoneas Austin Mahone
Ryan Beattyas Ryan Beatty
Alex Constacioas Alex Constacio
Dakota Fanningas Sadie
Alessandra Castronovoas Clarrisette
Alli Simpsonas Avery

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