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Sexy Short Stories

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Sexy Short Stories

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shower scene



I liked this new school. But it was so different. The school was like an old castle. Or insane asylum. It had more rooms than I had even seen before. The whole area was closed off from the world. I lived in a dorm room at one of the other buildings. Thankfully one by my self. It was set up for two. But I don’t have a roommate. I think that was the best part. My family sent me here to go to school. Since I was a big embarrassment to them.

My name is Chloe winters and I am a lesbian. Well I think I am. I had dated guys before but none of them really did it for me. I found out that I liked girls when I was at school and I took gym with other girls. I found out that I liked to watch them undress. That’s when the gym teacher found out and told my parents. And since the are very rich they sent me here away from them to hide what I am.


I turned on my computer and logged on to my “special account.” I have found a place where I could be myself. True it was only on line but I could talk to others like me.


{Comment’s} I wish that I could meet some one like me. I have never kissed a girl before. But I know that I only want to be with a girl.

{Lover’s Delight} I know what you mean. I cant find a girl at all where I am. Well one that’s like me any way.


I was so shocked that I had someone comment back to me. I went back to my comments line to reply.

{Comments} I know how you feel. I want to find out more about being with a girl. But I don’t have any one here to try it out with. Plus I am to shy to hit on a girl anyway.

{Lover’s Delight} I have been with many women before. I would not be shy with you. I could teach you all you needed to know about making love with a woman. What’s your name by the way?

{Shy one} Sorry about that I use my comments line more than anything.

{Lover’s Delight} That’s fine but what is your real name? Will you give it to me? Can I call you on the phone?

{Shy one} Ok. My name is Chloe. What’s yours?

{ Lover’s Delight} Gina.



We talked for awhile on the computer. I gave her my number after a few days. Just to make sure she was not some crazy freak. We would talk on the phone for hours when I got to my room after classes.


But today I was running late. I had to do some extra laps and I was going to take a shower before I headed home. Thankfully no one was in the shower room. I went to the back and turned on the shower. I put my things on the two foot wall beside me. Stepping under the shower I wet my hair. The room was dark but not enough that I could not see. It was kind of nice.


I started thinking of the things Gina had told me last might. Would she would do to me if I was with her right then. I ran my hands down my breasts. I played with them like she said I should.

I let one hand continue down to my thighs. I ran my finger over the wet slit and rubbed the nub there.

It felt so good and I thought about her touching me there. Her mouth on mine her hands running all over my body.


“ Hey.” Someone said. Startled I opened my eyes to see a girl in front of me. “Sorry for scaring you but do you mind if I shower with you?”
“Um. No that’s fine.” She was very pretty with her blond hair and blue eyes.

I watched her take off her towel and put it on a hook. She walked over to me and turned on the shower head next to me. I stood there with my hands to my sides. Did she not see me touching myself? She turned to look at me and smiled at me. I turned to pick up my soap.

“Hey if I wash your back would you wash mine for me?” She asked.

“Um. Sure. I can do that.”

“Here I’ll wash yours first.”

She took the soap and was cloth from my hands. She soaped it up and started to wash my back. She ran it over my shoulders and down my back. Going all over my back up, down and side to side.

“That’s it just relax. Your so stiff.” She whispered into my ear.

“Ok.” I said and did just that.

She was so close to me I could feel her breasts against my back. She ran the cloth down my arm and brought it back up and then ran it over my upper chest. She took it into her other hand and then ran the cloth down my other arm. But she ran the cloth down to my breasts this time. I was to stunned to move. Her body was flush against mine.

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