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Chloe (Wesley Stromberg FanFic)

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Chloe's POV

"Chloe! Get the mop and clean up this spilt mocha. And when your done, scrape the gum out from underneath the tables PRONTO! We have a business to run!" Mr. Harrison, my boss, said barely brushing the side of the countertop looking through his paperwork. 

"Yes sir. I'll be right on it." I said sighing as I walked into the storage room over to the side of the Starbucks facility. I didn't understand how I had to work here. My parents were multi millionaires and my sister was the newest pop phenominon. I'm just your average Chloe: waiting tables and busking for money. 

The sounds of classical music filled my ears. I sighed as I grabbed the mop and went to clean up the spot where the drink spilled. This was my daily routine. I would be just doing my work when Mr. Harrison just so happened to become unhappy. 

"CHLOE! Guess what!" I heard the all to familiar voice of my little sister. She barreled through the door in her boots and short shorts with a white lace top and her blonde hair braided to the side. She really didn't look like the pop star type. Wait, let me rephrase that. She looked like the pop star type, she just didn't look like she had the talent, which she had a lot of. Her voice is just angelic and of course, she can dance. All the boys adore my little sister.

"Riley, can't you see I'm working." I groaned not looking up from the ground where the mocha still sat.

"Yeah but this is super duper important! Mom and Dad want you to come home like legit right now." she said standing straight up with her hands on her hips.

"Well, they'll just have to wait." I huffed while moving on to under the first table with the scraper and the bowl. 

"Fine Chloe. If you just want to be your stubborn self then just be that way." she said walking over to the counter. "Excuse me, is there a manager present in the building today?" she called out into the kitchen area. 

"Yes, in fact there is. How may I hhel- Oh my, your Riley Parker!" Mr. Harrison said clapping. "How may I help you!" he sounded so much more enthuisiastic than before.

"Well, I would love to purchase a Caramel Mocha." she said smiling grabbing a 5 dollar bill out of her clutch. I rolled my eyes as I continued to scrape off the last piece of gum remaining on the table.

"Is that all Miss Parker?" he asked hopeful that he would bring in big bucks to this Starbucks. 

"There is one thing, but its silly." she giggled under her breath.

"What is it! I can get it for you!" he said sounding on the edge of his toes. This was very gross watching a bald man with a mustache in his 40s fangirling over a 16 year old. Not even to add what I found in one piece of gum. 

"Can you let my dearest sister, Chloe, take the rest of the day and the rest of the week off? I'm sure you have other employees who would gladly take over while she's gone." she said flashing one of her famous puppy dog faces. She's so pathetic. 

"Yes yes! Anything for you Miss Parker. Chloe, turn in your apron. You are off for the rest of the week. See you a week from today, next Monday!" Mr. Harrison said smiling and handing Riley her caramel mocha. With that, Mr. Harrison went back into his office.  Riley smirked and took a sip from her mocha while walking over to me. 

"I told you I would get you home one way or another." she laughed as her sign of winning. 

"Oh, if you weren't using your famousness then I would still be doing what I really enjoyed doing." I said getting up and heading to the back of the shop to grab my purse and turn in my smock. 

"You enjoyed cleaning off gum with teeth stuck in it? You should really get out more Chloe." Riley said taking her sunglasses off her head and placing them abruptly on top of her nose. I sighed, knowing that that was a lame excuse. 

As I walked out the door, I followed Riley to her red ferarri. I hopped into the passenger seat and dropping my bag in the floor. "Really Riles, what was so important that I have a week off of work?"

"You just have to wait until we get home. Well, actually, when we get to dinner." she said looking up and down from her phone to the road. 

"Where are we eating dinner at?" I asked looking out at the road with the wind blowing my hair around in my ponytail. 

"Some five star restaurant on the coast of Huntington." she replied fixing her hair at a stoplight.

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