I opened the door as I grabbed my lunch off the table, put my backpack on, and headed out side while slamming the door behind me. I walked down Chestnut Drive and turned down the corner, walking down to my bus stop. After I finally walked down, I met my friend Alyssa, down, sitting in the grass. ''Hey Lucy,'' Alyssa said. That's me, Lucy, Lucy Smith. I have wavy long blond hair with pink tips. I'm a seventh grader at Duncan Middle School. As the bus rolled up the rode, I shifted my book bag that went across my chest to behind me so it didn't get in my way, then took my seat on the bus. On the was to school, I dozed off. I was thinking of what I would do when I got home, like I do everyday. There's something nobody knows about me. I go on adventures. Not those strolls through the wood, but an adventure where it is life taking and real. I have a mission in life, and that is to find out what happen in my area and my family. I'm adopted, my parents went missing when I was five and they never appeared again. The funny thing is I got adopted right across the street from my old house, which just makes everything worse for me. I looked around and saw everyone was almost off the bus. I stood up, and ran out hoping to make it to class on time.


I hopped off the last step on the bus and raced home. When I got there, I unloaded my book bag and filled it with a brown paper covered book, some snacks, and my phone. I opened the door again and ran behind my house, through the woods, and into my clubhouse. My clubhouse was up in a tree so you can call it a tree house. It was painted black and it was really roomy. It was filled with bean bag chairs, a mini fridge, a rug, and a book shelf full of old books. Outside, there was a little deck that was fenced in, connected was a hang glide that went from the tree house to all around the woods, which was really big. You may be thinking. Are you serious, a twelve year old with all of that! Well here's the story I didn't make the tree house. It was here when I moved to Chestnut Drive when I was in the third grade. It has more story to it, but it isn't really a good time to talk about that yet. My best friend Hannah helped me redecorate and even add that cool hang glide. ''Hey Lucy!'' screamed Hannah from the other side of the woods. ''Come up here,'' I screamed back at her, while throwing the handle to the hang glide to the other side and running back into the tree house. As she walked in i sat on my favorite black bean bag chair, put the snacks from my bag into the mini fridge and grabbed the folded papers from my back pocket. ''Look.'' I said, unfolding the papers. ''What is it,'' questioned Hannah.''Remember when we found this tree house?'' I said. ''Yeah,'' said Hannah. ''Well, it came with all these old books talk in some nonsense and, I found this,'' I said shoving two pieces of paper in her face. They were on old paper with no lines, now a light yellow. The first page was a page with landmarks and a big rectangle on it. The second page is a message written in sloppy cursive, which I can't read.''Does this mean what I think it means?'' Said Hannah. ''Adventure this weekend?'' I said. '' Yes! Meet me here tomorrow/Friday at two o'clock, since we have tomorrow off from school.'' Hannah said. ''Okay see you than,'' I said starting to get up.''Wait, Lucy where did you find these papers?'' Hannah said. ''In my attic in my old house when I use to live with my parents, I think whatever this is might show me or help to know where they are.

Hey I'm Marysa and I hope you like this story so far. Comment!!!

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