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A Thug's Only Love [EDITING ON HOLD]


A Thug's Only Love: Chapter 10

~August 22nd~
~Lexis P.O.V.~

I can't even explain how great last night was. I woke up and found her cuddled up right next me. I kissed her cheek and got up. I walked down the hall to Jay's room and got one of his shorts. I knew he wouldn't care. I got my phone and texted Arlie.

8-22-13 -8:24 a.m. -Me: aye
8-22-13 -8:25 a.m. -Arls: aye how'd it go?
8-22-13 -8:26 a.m. -Me: everything's' fine bro. She said she would be by my side through everything and anything
8-22-13 -8:27 a.m. -Arls: see? What I tell ya?
8-22-13 -8:28 a.m. -Me: Yee, check this right after we talked about that shit, we fucked haha
8-22-13 -8:30 a.m. -Arlie: Good shit man, you finally got some but really? You tell her you might have a baby and decide to sleep with each other? smh I'll hit you up later, you goin to school today?
8-22-13 -8:31 a.m. -Me: fuck no, peace

It was ready 8:32 in the morning and I didn't wanna wake Nelle up. I wrote her a lil' note sayin I was gonna go home and be back in a lil' while.

~Chanelle P.O.V.~

I woke up in a lot of pain. I didn't find Lexis next to me either but I did find a note. I smiled after I read it and got up real slow and walked to my bathroom. I took a nice long shower and lotioned up. I slipped on a blue tank top, black sweats and my Cookie Monster slippers. I texted Riley and told her to skip school with me. About 10 minutes later I heard my back door open.

"What's good Nelle?" Riley's loud ass said as she walked in.

"In the living room!" I yelled back.

"So what's new?" She asked.

"So much, First off Lexis might have a baby on the way with some chick."

"Shut the fuck up." She yelled right in my ear.

"Nah, but yeah we don't know. I think he's gonna go through with a paternity test. The maybe Mama is 7 months along."

"Daaaaamn, what if he is the daddy?"

"Then I guess my boyfriend has a baby. I'm not gonna leave him. He is the most amazing guy and I am not gonna be shallow and leave him because of a baby."

"Well that's good to hear. So what else since you said so much went down."

"Second of all...we had sex...after he told me he may have a baby on the way..."

"What the fuck Nelle?" She said as she was laughing.

"Yeah I know, huh?"

"Please tell me y'all used protection?" When she said that, it got me thinking...did we? "Chanelle!" She yelled as she smacked my arm.

"Ow! Hoe, what do you want?"

"Were y'all safe?"

"I don't think so..."

"Oh. My. Shit. Chanelle! We needa get you a pregnancy test!"

"We can't just get a test dumbass. We're not going to get instant results."

The second she said that, she got up and dragged me up with her. She grabbed my keys and threw 'em at me.

"Drive, bitch."

"Did you not just hear me? And you could be nicer too."

"Fine. Please drive, bitch?" She said with sass. You know what, fine we'll get the test but she's an idiot.

"Alright fine." I said. We drove to the nearest drug store. We got the test and drove home. I went straight to the bathroom.

"Alright we gotta wait 5 minutes." I said as I came out of the bathroom.

"What if it's positive?!" She asked.

"My Mom is probably gonna kick me out. But like I said-"

"Damn boo, I wish you could live with me but you know my house is full."

"It's all good, I'm not worried." This wouldn't even be an accurate test so whatever. It's gonna come out negative and Riley is going to look like such a dumbass.

~5 minutes later~

"Check the test!" Riley yelled in my ear.

"Yell any louder why don't you." I snapped back at her before I walked back to the bathroom to go read the results.

~Lexis P.O.V.~

I got home and took a fast shower. Felt nice to get cleaned up. I got out, put on some Raiders sweats and a black shirt. I got my keys and was about to head back over to Nelle's house.

Just to fill y'all in, I've met Ms. Jenny, Nelle's Mama long before I met Nelle. When Jay and I became friends he invited me to his house and his Mama was there. He told me he had a sister but I never met her or even as much as heard of her name when Jay and I were really young, so I didn't know Chanelle and Jay were related till after she told me. I drove over and pulled up to her drive way. I got out, and walked inside since it was just the screen door that was closed. "Hey Ma, what's up?" I said as I sat at the bar counter next to Nelle.

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