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"Violet get up we going to be late for our first day of school!!!" Abby said while jumping up and down.

I open my eyes just a peek letting the ray of sun hit my eyes. I was so sleepy that i could barely open my eyes. But seeing Abby so happy i had to get out of bed to get ready for school. She ran out the room before i could say anything.

My name is Violet Mendoza; I’m just like your everyday girl not emo, goth, nerd, stupid or too girly. I have long curly tip dark brown hair. Slim but curvy body with some scars cause by my abusive father. I'm 16 and in the 11th grade by my side is my best friend Selena Rogers who's always been there for me and i can tell her about everything. Including my father and what he does to me......... My mother died 6 years ago in a car crash after she left us because she couldn't deal with my dad anymore. I was left alone with my sister when she was 1, and this person i have to call father. Abby is 7 now and she is everything to me, she's my life. Today is the1st day of 11th grade for me and is 1st day of 1st grade for Abby.

I got a pair of jeans under clothing and a plain black shirt then went for the shower. I wanted to back asleep when the warm water hit my skin. It felt like i was in heaven the shower is 1 of the way i could get away from everything. But when i get out i have to be strong and face life for me and for my sister.

I got out of the shower and dried myself; i brushed my hair and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked decent for school. I'm one of those girls that got everything to make a guy drool but I don't show it much.

Walking quietly to Abby's room trying not to wake father up or he'll be piss....... I found Abby playing with her hair on her bed all ready for school.

"Hey buddy you ready?" i asked

"Yep" she answered while running and getting her bag

"Um...... Violet?" Abby said nervously

"What is it bud?"

"What is first grade like.....?" she said softly

I giggled a little of how nervous she was "it's awesome and fun" i said in a cheerful voice

She cracked a smile at me and i smiled back. I got out her favorite cereal and pour it in a bowl with some milk then gave it to her, she ate it happily. I got an apple for myself. After 10mins we were out of the house the bus for Abby came. I gave her a kiss good bye and she got on the bus.

I started to walk to school and the sun almost up by the time I got there. I looked around to try to find Selena. Then all a sudden someone jumped on my back. I looked back and saw Selena.

"What the fuck, you scared the crap out of me " I screamed at her in a happy voice

"I missed you a lot, I haven’t seen you for the whole freaking summer" Selena said with a huge smile

"I missed you too but you had to go on a trip to Florida didn't you?" I said while portending to wipe a fake tear.

"I’m sorry but I told that I had to go with my mom & dad, but how are you and Abby...? Like with your father..." Selena asked nervously with a frown while mentioning my father

"Just like always, but I didn't let him touch Abby just a kick and a punch once in a while, well everyday but still its whatever. Let’s not talk about it now , let’s just go get our schedule for this year" I said trying to change the subject

"Ok fine lets go" she understand while walking to get our schedules


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