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Chapter 20 - The Uninvited Guest

Julie smiled across the table at Amy. Her hair was sticking up in excitement as her leg jerked under the table. Amy couldn't help but compare her friend to a Chihuahua. She was small, shaky, and always enthusiastic about something. In this case, it was just something that Amy didn't like very much at all.

Amy had invited Julie over to help her with some math homework the conversation had taken a turn for the worst when her friend had brought up double dating again. For the past twenty minutes, Amy had been arguing with her about not going but Julie still wouldn't give up.

"Please, Amy?" she begged again, her eyebrows shooting up and her lip pouted back at Amy, "Please? You have to come!"

Amy shook out her blonde hair and smiled albeit reluctantly at Julie. Before, at the mall, she'd thought that Julie and David had been joking. Or at least that they'd forget about her dreaded invitation to their double date. But ever since then, Julie had been insistent on the idea. Amy just couldn't handle a repeat of her date with Michael. Chris wouldn't be there to protect her this time - not that she needed his protection (she could handle herself most of the time) - but somehow, that thought worried her. Of course Julie and David would never let that happen... but the idea just didn't interest her.

"No," Amy said simply, her arms crossed over her chest uncomfortably.

"Why not?" Julie demanded.

Amy shrugged at her friend and looked out the window to avoid her friend's prodding gaze.

"Just - because," she froze. She wasn't about to talk about her crush on Chris or the way she'd been humiliated not three weeks ago on that horrid date, "I can't."

Julie frowned and followed Amy's gaze out the window and then retraced it back to her friend, "Is this because of Michael?" she asked, not waiting for a response as she continued, "Because if it is, there is nothing to worry about, you know. I promise that David will choose a really nice guy that you can trust and it's not like we'd let anything bad happen to you - ever! Amy please? It will be so much fun!"

How could she refuse? Julie just made it sound like it was going to be amazing. But Amy couldn't deny her gut feeling that something was going to go horribly wrong. Dates just weren't her thing and not knowing the guy made it even worse.

"I'm sure it would be-"

"Then why won't you come?" Julie screamed, cutting her off. She made a good point. Amy wasn't exactly giving her any reason why she shouldn't go. But Amy still wouldn't agree to it.