A Liar, And Pathetic, And Alone In Life Was She. [Watty Awards, 2011] (Complete)

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The sun is gone, and the flowers rot.  

Words are spaces between us.  

I should've been drowned in the river I found of token lust.  

And I should've been down when you made me insecure. 

So break me down if it makes you feel right.  

Hate me now if it keeps you alright.  

You can't break me down, if it takes all your might 

'Cause I am so much more than meets the eye


* * *


(Reeses' POV)

Holding my head, I stumbled around the parking lot aimlessly, looking for help.

How could I have lost Shay?!? I was trying to help her, and she's going to blame me for this later...

After Shay had passed out, I caught her and was carrying her back to my truck when a man in a black ski mask swung a baseball bat at my head. I had dropped to the ground, but even almost unconcious, I had still held on to Shay as tightly as possible. The last thing I could remember before everything went completely black was my brother's face above me.

"Help...Shay..." I whispered before my head fell back against the concrete and I was out cold.

When I woke up, Shay was gone and my hands were still clenched as if she were still in my arms. I stumbled to the front of the school, dodging the police cars, clutching my forehead as blood poured down my face. Slamming into the glass doors, I pounded on them, screaming for someone to help me.

"She's gone!! She's gone and no one will help me!! Someone..." I started crying, the tears mixing with blood. Laying on the ground in front of the door, I gazed up at the door, hypnotized by the red handprints smeared on the clean glass.

I felt a tremendous amount of relief when I saw a uniformed officer open the door, and lean over me.

"Son, what's wrong? Why are you bleeding?" He looked at me in concern, waiting for me to answer.

"Where's my brother? I need my brother. We have to find her. He's going to be so mad. And so is she. She's gonna beat me up for letting him take her. And ruining her dress. Oh, that's what she's going to be maddest about. She loved that dress. And now she can't wear it anymore. I wonder where the dress is. And her..." I trailed off after my long ramble.

The police officer stared at me like I was crazy. "Who's gone? And is your brother here? I'll go get him, but you have to explain. Who's missing?"

"Shay." I repeated over and over again. "Someone took her. I need to find her." Drunkenly, I staggered to my feet, even in my delirious state, I was still instinctively driven to find Shay.

"Son, you need to calm down. You're bleeding and I don't know how much you've lost. Sit down, we'll find her. But right now, we're dealing with a murder investigation. We have to focus on this right now. Now, tell me your brothers' name, and I'll go find him for you."

Staring at him in disbelief, I whispered, "Conner Weston," before turning away from him and laying down. Thousands of thoughts ran through my head, making me wish I had protected Shay.

"You knew you couldn't protect her. Just like you couldn't protect Emily."

"She's going to die, too. And it'll be your fault again."

"Even if you do find her, she's going to hate you. She'll never look at you again."

I started crying again from the pain of what had happened. I always knew I couldn't have kept her anyways. She was too good for me. I was just a piece of trash that didn't deserve to be near a perfect girl like her.

I had to find her.


* * *


Twenty minutes later, I hadn't seen Conner, and the police officer hadn't come back. After fifteen more minutes, I was sick of waiting, and I couldn't sit still anymore. I couldn't wait around while Shay was gone!

Getting to my feet, I ran to my truck, got in, and started the engine. Pushing the gas pedal to the floor, I headed for home as fast as possible, ignoring the speed limits. I had to go home and find my brother. I saw him. He was the last one to see her.

When I pulled into the driveway, I couldn't bear to look at Shay's house. I was so busy thinking about her that I didn't notice the other car parked where mine usually was. Conner was home?

Jumping out of my car, I dashed inside.

"Conner!! Where are you, you little shit?!"

"Here, what's wrong?" Conner came out of the kitchen.

"Shay's missing, and I have some questions you need to answer." I glared at Conner and he put his hands up, shaking his head and backing away.

"Why should I care if she's missing?" Conner scoffed. "We aren't friends anymore, in case you haven't noticed. You kind of took my place."

"What were you and Brittany doing in my room?" I asked, needing the answer to this more than anything. I wasn't even positive they had been in my room, but the look on Conner's face proved I was right.

"Okay, so now next question. Where'd you take Shay?"

There was a split second of shock on Conner's face before I swung my arm back and slugged him in the face. I leaned over and spat on him, as he held his nose and rocked on the floor.

"That one was for Shay."

So... Maybe I was the violent one in the family.

* * *

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Song: Break Me Down, Seether

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Phoebe Tonkinas Shay Cunningly
Landon Liboironas Conner Weston/ James Hallow
Steven Straitas Reese Weston
Taylor Swiftas Brittany Longreen

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