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we aint picture perfect(a princeton love story)



                rockelle p.o.v

momma perez took me in the kitchen and went and got a BIG ass knife! i started backinn up! i was scared....

momma perez: child bring your blezillian ass here aint nobody gon hurt you unless you lie to me. now i gotta ask you something

rockelle:yes momma perez*scared*

momma perez:im ask you this once and once only, and dont lie cuz i will cut you.  and you know i will.  now are you pregnant? my son?

rockelle:*gulps* yess momma perez.just found out today

momma perez: since i like you i aint gon go off and kill you! but listen you betta take care of tht lil baby in your tummy cuz i AINT RAISING NO BABIES! shitt i didnt even wanna raise mine

rockelle:lol momma perez you shout out,but the way you took it my mom gon take it the total oppisite

momma perez: its okay, worse come to worse you can live here

rockelle: thanks  te amo(i love you)

momma perez: you welcome muchacha(think thats how you spell it)

i walked out the kitchen and chilled with everybody. i told them im pregnant and they was happy 4 me and princeton. but liyah keeps running to the bathroom, if shes pregnant man imma be mad! its my time to shine! lol im playinn


  (3months later)                          rockelle p.o.v

im still pregnant! (duhh)! oh but guess what liyah was pregnant too! she tried to lie nahh hoe we caught you! i kinda snitched becuz i told momma perez and she chased ray around all day sayin why didnt you keep that child maker in your tighty whitey! lmaoo! i was rollinn! anyway me and liyah are both pregnant! damnn the freaky bestieez preggo aint that some shit! oh by the way i still havent told my daddy and my mom that im pregnant.. far as they  know i've just been staying with liyah. but we all decided to go to fridays just cuz it was friday! i got up and got dress in this(in comments below) had my hair in a bun with a blue bandana on. i put mascara and lip gloss on and walked downstairs.

prince:baby are you ready?

rocky: yeah, come on,wait where my twin

Aaliyah: im right here and why you got blue on?

chres: nahh im suppose to be askin her that, WHY YOU HAVE BLUE ON!

rocky: lemme think,... CUZ MOTHA FUCKER I CAN!!

momma perez:*comes outta no where,and slaps rocky* just cuz you preggo dont mean shit im the only person who can be cussin in this house!

rocky: sorry momma perez

everyone else: laughin

we get to Ihop and we get a table and stuff. we laughed talked everythang then my song came on(high skool by nicki minaj) i started to rap nicki minaj part..

he said he came from jamaica

he owned a couple acres

a couple fake visas cuz he never got his papers. gave up on love fuckin with them heartbreakers

but he was gettin money from the movers and the shakers

he was mixxed with a couple things

ball like a couple riings

bricks in the condo and

grams to sing sing 

left arm baby momma tatted 5 year bid up north when the ratted

anyway i felt him, helped him, put him on a lock,seat belt him

took him out to belguim,welcome

bitches this pretty, thats seldom

this box betta then the one he was held in

im momma dee in that order

i call him daddy like daughters he like it when i be drunk

i like it when he be sober 

thats top of the toppa i never fuck with begins i let him play with my pussy and lick it off with his fingers 

im in the zone....(i started singing the rest. even lil wayne part)

everyone: damnnn

rocky: what hoes

chres: i didnt know you can rap AND sing girl why you aint tell me

rocky: hidden talent dumbshit!

aaliyah: you suppose to be wife and you hiding shit ?!?!

rocky: lmaoo sorry liyah love you..

                                                                            princetons p.o.v

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monicalauren on igas as rockelle
princetonas himself
dylan gonzalezas Aaliyah(prince sis)
johanna paigeas danielle
roc royalas himself(rockelle brothaa)
ray rayas himself
prodigyas himself(rockelle bestfriend)
kim johnson-tumblras lexi
theresaas momma perez(Aaliyah and prince mom)
zonnique pullinsas star(ray jealous ex)
bahja rodriguezas beauty(prince jealous ex)
brueanna womack as babydoll(roc royal ex)
diggy simmons as himself(rockelle thirtsy ex)
Chris Brownas himself(rockelle long term friend)
crystal westbrookas niyah(roc and rockys cousin)
jasmine_grahamas diamond

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