Chapter Two <3

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*[Chapter Two]*


Sitting at the desk they provided for me in my room, I admired the razor in my hand. It was so shiny, and took my emotional pain away.

I turned off all the lights because the desk was by the window, where plenty of light came through. But I can't stand light. But when I do it, I don't want blood everywhere on my new bed.

I pressed the razor to my skin, loving the cool affect it had. Just as I made a dent into my wrist,

Knock knock.

I quickly hid the razor under my shirt as Issac popped his head in.


"Hey. Mom's going to the soup kitchen to serve dinners down three blocks away. You can go help her or come with me. I'm going to soccer practice." He informed me.

Blood slid down my arm, as I hid it behind my back, shifting the chair so he wouldn't see.

"I'd rather stay home, thank you." I said, sort of sternly.

He raised an eyebrow, looking taken back by my voice. He gripped the door handle and peered behind me.

"Why are all the lights off? What were you...doing?" He asked slowly.

I felt my face get hot from being nervous. I've been caught before and was sent away. I didn't want to to back.

"Chilling. But I'd like to stay home."

He shook his head.

"Mom doesnt want you home alone."

My eyebrows furrowed. Did they tell her about my past? Did she not trust me to be alone, and not harm myself if she knew? Well...who would trust me? I was just about to cut myself again...

"Why not?" I asked, just out of curiousity of what he would tell me.

"Because. She wants you to be with either of us to get to know us better. Come on. Coming with me won't be so bad, I promise. I'll take you for ice cream...", He trailed off smiling at me.

I had a weekness for ice cream...and skittles. Issac, damn you.

"Fine. Give me a minute, and I'll be down." I agreed, a bit harshly.

He nodded, checking things out once again and shut the door behind him. I let out a huge sigh. That was close...


(Whistle sounding)

I winced, my eyebrows furrowing, as Issacs soccer coach blew his whistle. I had a perfect veiw up high , from the bleachers. I could see clearly of the players on the field, running like mad men back and forth to the goals on each side. The sun was pouring down on all of us, clearly.

My skin was on fire, and suddenly i wished I had went to that damn soup kitchen.