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P.S. I Love You (An Arranged Marriage Story) Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

"Caught you," he whispered seductively. My breathing was shallow as Tristan's body pressed mine into the huge pine tree. I was so incredibly nervous.

As you already know, my brother always did his best to keep guys away form me. Which wasn't hard considering most guys will shy away when a buff guy covered in gang tattoos, sporting a unique bandana comes up to you with his friends saying, "Stay the fuck away from my sister."

So basically the point is, I'm new to all this touchy feely stuff. Sure, I can manage a little flirt like I did at the car, but that's just a tease. I'm a girl, teasing comes naturally. But much farther than that, I'm completely clueless.

Here's my biggest secret: I've never kissed a boy (or a girl!) on the lips. Ever.

And add that to the obvious bulge in his groin area that Tristan was ever-so-gently grinding up against my belly, yea. You get the picture.

I am 100% helpless.

He lowered his head until it was only a few inches above mine. His gaze burned into me as I looked up at him.

"You seem nervous," he said, furrowing his brow.

Way to state the obvious.

A blush broke out across my face, and I dropped my yes down to his chest.

He chucked. "Your blush is so..." he began, searching for the right word.

Weird? Stupid? Immature? Silly? Random? ....Red?

"Cute," he finally announced. "Adorable, beautiful.

Dios, cue the blush, here we go again.

I felt the heat flare across my cheeks once more and quietly choked out a "thankyou".

"Talesia...look at me," Tristan said.

I just shook my head no.

"Why not?"

I shrugged.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked slowly.

Welcome back, blush, long time no see. I started to shake m head no, but then dropped my head further with a shrug.

"Talesia...Have you ever been kissed before?"

I was going to say yes, but I'm a horrible liar, and the color to my cheeks was probably a dead giveaway. So instead, I just stood there, not answering.

All he said was, "Oh."

I felt him gently kiss my forehead, spreading that much more fire through my body. Dios, you'd think I was becoming a vampire!

"Come on, at least look at me. Please? I won't bite," he said.

He paused for a second before adding in a casual voice, "Unless you want me to."

I easily saw the double meaning, and my head snapped up in surprise.

Did he just sugge-


All thoughts exited the stage of my mind as Tristan's lips latched onto mine. His mouth massaged mine gently at first, coaxing me to respond. After a few moments, I did, curiously moving my lips in synch with his. He let me grow accustomed to this before he began running his tongue along my bottom lip, leaving a trail of tingles in its path.

I quietly moaned, and instinctively opened my mouth, granting his tongue entrance. He was not shy in exploring every inch of my mouth. For what seemed like forever, his tongue danced around with mine, before he slipped it out and continued kissing me normally.

He soon pulled away, ending the kiss. I kept my eyes closed and accidentally let out a small groan in protest. I heard him- more like felt it in his chest- chuckle and he gave me one more short kiss, and a light peck.

I opened my eyes to see him smirking down at me.

"You liked that," he acknowledged in a hoarse voice.

Hell yea I liked it! I mean.. Ugh!

It's not fair how he can do...this to me! Whatever "this" is. Just a half hour ago I was yelling at him for staring at me, and now I'm just letting him grind me against a tree and abuse my lips.

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