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It's Complicated (Shake it up fanfiction)


*Cece's POV* 

I slipped on my flowy over shirt and walked out.

"Rocky are you re- oh he's here."I said.

"Uh hey Cece! Do ya mind if I raincheck?"

"Nope! Go ahead, it's not like thats what i was looking forward to do all day." I snapped through gritted teeth. 

I pushed through her and headed for crusty's.

"Hey Cece."

"I'll have a light salad with dressing and croutons on the side."

"Comin' right up!" 

I sat there for a few minutes when i heard someone sit down next to me.

"Uh hi."

"Hi, I was just thinking how can a beautiful girl like you be sitting alone?"

"Well i don't have a boyfriend and my best friend ditched me. So yeah."

"Well do you want one?"

"A best friend? Nah i already got one."

"No boyfriend. I'm saying it would be my pleasure to ask you on a date.

"Oh wow. I accept."

"Well since we are officially dating, you don't mind if I sit, do you?"

"Not at all." 

Deuce came over handing me my salad.

"Oh Cece, i see you've met Cameron."

"Yeah he's really nice."

"Well i'll let you two lovebirds back to business."

We ate and laughed the rest of the time. I'm glad I met him.

"Well beautiful, I'll see you tomorrow."

"See ya Cam."

"Cece!" Rocky shouted.

"Oh hey Rocky."

"You're dating Cameron Hoster?!"

"Yeah so?"

"He's the school player Cece. He probably won't even acknowledge you tomorrow.

Logan just waltzed in. Great.

"Wow thanks for helping me and being supportive Rocky. Well I gotta go anyway."

I walked up the stairs and ran up to my apartment. 

I picked up the mail, and opened my report card. I usually do this with Rocky but now she has someone else to do it with. 

Rocky and HIM walked in.

"Oh Cece! What did you get for grades? All d's? Logan mocked.

"I can't read it." 

Rocky gives me a hug and rubs my arm.

"Why are you comforting her? She's just lazy!"

"It's not that Logan, I CAN'T read it."

'What? Have you come down with lazyitis? Poor widdle Cece."


Rocky shouts at him.

"N-n-no. I'm dyslexic. Since i had been under a lot of stress, it acts up.

"Oh well."

"This is why i hate you! You are inconsiderate!

"Wow that's a pretty big word for a dyslexic freak."

Rocky stood there.

"Rocky? Aren't you supposed to defend me?


"Just leave me alone."

Logan left to his dad's place and Rocky went to her place. I need to talk to to her. Alone.


"Wah!!" I slipped and everything went black.

*Ty's POV* 

I slipped on my blazer, and some cologne. I checked myself out in the mirror when i heard,


Ah Cece. Rocky was in her room.


Uh that didn't sound good.

I ran out finding an unconscious bleeding Cece on the floor.


"Ty what happened! Oh my god! Cece!" Rocky cried out.

"We'll get her to the hospital."

I picked her tiny body in my arms and Rocky put a towel around her head. 

I put her in the back with Rocky and drove. We took her to the emergency room and called everyone.

"Where's my baby! Is she okay?"

"Ms. Jones, she's with the doctors right now, she'll be fine."

I saw that Logan was here. Why? He doesn't like Cece. I do. Just in a friendly way.... Right?

"Here for Cecelia Jones?"

"Us!" I shouted impatiently.

"Your friend is fine. She had a slice in her head and she only broke a leg. Her face has a few cuts but that's nothing."

"Thank you doctor." Ms. Jones said.

"Logan, why are you here? You hate Cece."

"I know but I said something i shouldn't of, and I realized I should at least try to be nice to her."

"What did you say?" I spat with clenched hands and gritted teeth.

Umm...i said, 

That's a pretty big word for a dyslexic freak."


Rocky had put her hand over my mouth to muffle what i was really gonna say.

"I know. I was stupid to say that. I was gonna make it up to her.

"You're never gonna make it up to her. Ever."

I stormed out and drove back to the apartment. 


4 hOuRs LaTeR 

Everyone had left Cece's room since she was staying over night for precautions.

I had snuck in her room. Why am I doing this? Well of course, she's my friend?

"Hey Cece."


"I just wanted to check on you."

"Oh i'm fine. I would die for a soda but the doctors say "it will hurt you" I don't care! I want soda!"

"Haha. Well Rocky would've been here too but well you know the rest."


"Well Cece, watch Shake it up tonight. I am sure it'll be good."

"Okay even though it won't be AS good as when i'm there."

"Haha see ya Cece."

*Rocky's POV*

Logan took me on a date to Francesco's and I ordered the spaghetti.

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