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Manly Interviews with The Pub

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Real Name:


Craig Alan Price Jr.






23 – March 1989




What is behind your username?


My own name, strange, yes I know. I used to have my username as Searon wherever I was, but wattpad already had a Searon, and so I was labeled as SirSearon for a time. However, I decided to change it to my name as I am currently trying to get recognized.






About Writing:




When did you start writing?


When I was in the first grade I had a teacher Mrs. Anderson whom created books for us to write in. She used construction paper for the cover and on the inside was that paper with the three large lines with center dots for practicing writing. Above that was a blank space where you could draw a picture. So she’d take these with colored construction paper and fold them in half and staple them. It made them look like a real book, and we could write on the three lines and draw a picture for every page. I have been writing ever since, third grade I wrote Command and Conquer stories, and various others throughout. In 6th grade I wrote a children’s ghost story that I wish I still had. In middle school I began writing a mystery story with kids that reminds many of Hardy Boys or something similar. I started fantasy in late middle school, but I didn’t like my first four chapters, so I gave them up for years. That ideal has now become what is ‘The Crimson Claymore’ – featured novel for wattpad and sitting on my profile with nearly 2 million reads.




Why did you start writing?


There is something about letting my imagination flow and release from my mind. I have a hard time sometimes talking about what fascinates me, and the best way for me to share things is to write it. My imagination runs wild with so many things, so many that I’m afraid if I don’t get them down they will be lost to me forever, as my memory is terrible.




How did you choose the genre you write in?


I want to write something in all genres, yet fantasy is by far my favorite. I love the aspects of swordplay much more than the simplicity of guns. I enjoy the fact of beings being powerful enough to withhold magical elements inside of them. The various creatures as told to us in fairy tales are extraordinary and I love every part of them.




What inspires you to write?


My fans, one great comment is worth more than a picture of a thousand words. Those fans to are evil to me with demands for me to update more and more are the most exciting thing for me. It is because of them that I write and continue to write. Without them I think I may have given up on this craft so long ago when I became busy with the aspect of life.




Where do you get your ideas?


As every writer, I get ideas from other writers by both reading and listening to books on audio. I get ideas from various shows and movies that I may come across, the music that I listen to, as well as the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. I simply love sitting outside smoking on my corn cob pipe and enjoying the scenery for inspiration to hit me.




Do you ever experience writer’s block?


Of course, as every writer does. I’ve experienced it the most in these past few months than I ever have. I’m so very close to fine tuning my finished novel, and have been working on it so hard. Yet, when those close to me don’t show much of an interest in what I am doing or are too busy, it is disheartening sometimes, and I have to struggle to push myself forward for my fans and for my own personal satisfaction.




Do you work with an outline, or just write?


I do a little of both, but typically I have an outline that I work off of. I find that this helps with my ideas a lot, whether I stick to that outline entirely is a totally different story, but it helps to have somewhat of a structure to go from, and outlines have been very helpful.

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