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Dirty One Direction Imagines {Requests Are Closed}


It had been a long flight and you were anxious to get off the plane. You were visiting your best friend Liam today. You moved to America before he auditioned to X-Factor again. You lost contact but recently started talking again. He immediately bought you a plane ticket and you were on your way. 20 minutes passed by and your were on your way to Liam's flat. London was way more beautiful than your town in Arizona. You paid the taxi driver and grabbed your bag then walked to the door. 

Liam's POV: 

(Y/N) could be here any minutes now. It's been forever since I last saw her. She was just so beautiful and smart. It's good to see her again. Okay, Liam. Act normal. I don't know what to do or what to say. 

*Knock Knock* 

"(Y/N), you're here!", I said as I swung the front door open. She looked exactly the same just taller. 

"Hey, Liam!", You say squeezing him. Liam looked much different from the last time you saw him.  

"Come in, come in.", He says letting you in. You walk in and sit on the couch smiling at him. He walked and sat close to you and he looked into your eyes. 

"So. How's life?", He said. You giggle and look to the ground. 

"Everything's fine. My family is great. I graduated of course. Everything's fine and dandy!", You say. He shakes his head as he listened to you.  

"Come on. I'm taking you on a tour!", He says tapping his finger on your nose.  

"After you my lady.", He says sweetly. You walk out the door and onto the streets of London. London was such a beautiful place. It was quit breezy though. But Liam let you borrow his jacket. You saw all sorts of sights like The Big Ben and others too. After settling from a long day you two go to Starbucks. You two drank your coffees and headed back to Liam's place. As you walked into the front door you saw the most handsome guy you have ever saw. He was making himself a sandwich. 

"Liam, I come over because-", He said and stopped when he looked at you. You cheeks started to turn red.  

"Niall, this is (Y/N).", He said pushed you towards him. 

"Hi, Niall!", You say sweetly. He looked you up and down while being speechless. 

"Hi.", He peeped out. You just laughed, you likes shy guys. He looked really sweet and you wanted to get him to talk. 

"I'm not gonna bite.", You say looking in his eyes. His eyes were a ocean blue. They made you melt a little inside. 

"I- I know.", He said quietly. Liam stood there shaking his head. He beamed at you then Niall. Did he have some type of jealousy inside him? Liam cleared his throat loudly to clear the awkwardness in the room.  

"Oh, uhm so what do you want to so now?", You say and sat down on the couch. 

"We could talk.", Niall puts in. 

"Okay!", You quickly. Liam and Niall both sat on either sides of you. You started fidgeting with your fingers.  

"Are you nervous (Y/N)?, Liam said quietly in your ear. You heart started to beat quickly. When he whispered in your ear it turned you on.  

"No.", You said simply.  

"So (Y/N), your a friend's of Liam's?", Niall says in a deep accent. That turned you on even more. You started to tap your foot to keep from showing it. 

"Yeah, we know each other since early age.", You say not looking at him. You knew if you look at him something would happen.  

"(Y/N), can I tell you something?", Liam says. You shake you head signalling yes. 

"I like you.", He says. You knew it. Ever since you were little you knew it. He then kissed you lightly on the forehead.  

"Liam, I- I don't know.", You say.  

"Are you really gonna do this in front of me!", Niall said loudly. You were shocked. You didn't know what was going on. You were confused.  

"What are you talking about Niall?", Liam said. You walked to the bathroom and looked in front of the mirror. After being in the bathroom for 5 minutes and then you heard foot steps from the hallway.  

"(Y/N)?, Liam said knocking on the door. You reached for the doorknob and turned it slowly. Niall pushed the door opened an kissed you hard on the lips. You got pushed back into the mirror and Niall lifted your waist up. He finally let go and looked at you.  

"We decided to share.", Liam said, eyes turning darker than usual. His hot breathe sent a down your back while he kissed your neck. Niall stood in the doorway glaring his eyes up and down you.  

"Liam, no, we can't do this. We're friends.", You said trying to push him away. He grunted and then let go. 

"Fine.", He said and walked away. Niall winked at you and then followed Liam. You walked quietly to the room you were staying in. You decided to take a shower to get all this off your mind. You walked in the bathroom and shut the door. As you got in the shower you heard more whispers but realised it was probably the TV. You closed your eyes and let the warm water hit your face. After finishing your shower you walk out into the room, wrapped in your towel. You walk in to see Niall and Liam both...naked. You were startled by Niall pulling you close to his chest. You try to pull away but his strong arms held you tight.

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