Falling for Nick Jonas


Name: (Your name). Age: just turned 14. Best friends: Kay, Abbie, Mandy. You have big blue eyes, long brown hair, you’re really hot and all the guys love you. You get along better with guys then you do girls. Hobbies: Basketball, Dancing, Singing, Surfing and Skateboarding.

-Story-  I woke up in the morning to my sister (shelly) and my two brothers (Luke and Todd) running in my room yelling happy birthday. I was so shocked because they're all older than me, Shelly’s 21 and lives in Queensland but was on a holiday so she was staying with you in her old room, Luke's 19 and lives with his girlfriend Bella a few house's down from my house and Todd's 17 and lives with you and your parents Len and Jane. When you finally opened your eyes they were all sitting on your bed. Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY (YN)!! You: thank you. Shelly: here this is from me, Todd and Luke. She hands you a small bag that has a piece of paper that says you leave tonight to go spend a week in the city and you’re staying in the Crown hotel, there's also an envelope you opened it.... You: OMG!!! How much money is in here? Everyone laughs. Luke: 20 thousand dollars. You: ARE YOU JOKING!! Todd: nope :) You: I have to pack everyone out! Mum: Wait honey you still have mine and dad's present to open. You sigh not because you didn't want the presents but because you hated your mum she hits you and yells at you for no reason and you cannot tell her ANYTHING! You: okay. Your mum hands you a big box. You open it they were black boots that you wanted. You: OMG!! Mom than- you stopped when you saw the shoe size they were your mom’s size and her feet are HUGE! So there no way you could fit into these. You: mom you are kidding me these are you size and your feet are way bigger than mine. You were angry and upset because you knew she brought them for herself and didn't want you to have them or anything. You just got up and walked to her room and chucked them into her room and walked back into yours. Mom: (YN) i- you cut her off. You: mom just leave i dont wanna fight on my birthday you always make it the worst day and you know in this whole room i have nothing that was a gift from you because you always take them back, so just leave! Your mom walked out of the room. Dad: I’m sorry Baby girl, but here you go sweaty. You: Thanks daddy. He handed me a small purple box, when i opened it i nearly feel off the bed. You: Daddy this is Beautiful. It was a diamond necklace that had the letters L (the first letter of your name) with a love heart in the middle. You ran to your dad and hugged him really tight and said Thank you like a million times. Then he helped you put the necklace on and then everyone left so you could pack. - 2 hours later- You and your brothers just finished watching a movie and you were taking your bags to the car because your brother was driving you to the city, you were a bit sad because your friends hadn't texted you called you or come over.

-Skip to when you arrive at the hotel-

You and your brother got out of the car and walked into the hotel. When you walked in you saw a group of boys and a few girls standing around with a few bodyguards and that’s when you noticed it was Jonas Brothers!! Your thoughts on why he would be here we interrupted by your brother. Luke: (YN), you okay there? You: yeah sorry so let’s go get my hotel key. After you got your key you and Luke got your bags and the people came and took them to your room for you and you were saying goodbye to your brother when all you hear is a group of girls screaming and yelling your name you turn around to the door and see Mandy, Kay and Abbie running towards you and your brother. You could see in the corner of your eye Nick Jonas checking you out. Luke: im going to go i love you sis and happy birthday. You: i love you to Lucas (it’s what you called him when you were little and you only call him that when you’re really happy) and thank you for everything bye. he walked away and then all you hear is Mandy scream you turn around and notice that Jonas Brothers are walking up to you. You: i have a ringing in my ear. The all laugh and Mandy's just standing there. Kay: I dont think she's breathing. You all joke around for a bit longer until Jonas Brothers but in. Nick Jonas: hey I’m Nick and this is my brothers Joe, Kevin and Frankie. And this is Danielle, Kevin’s wife. Abbie and Kay away and went to the bath room. You: hi im (YN) and the is Mandy and the two girls that walked away are Kay and Abbie. Mandy: h-hi Nn-iii-c-kk J-oo-n-a-sss. You just laugh and turned to Mandy and hit her on the arm You: your suck and idiot. Joe: i think shes cute. Mandy started blushing and ran into the bathroom. You yelled: Just leave me here! Nick: so whats a group of beautiful girls doing here and why did your boyfriend leave. You: WHAT!! my boyfriend? Nick: yeah the guy that just left. You laugh. You: that was my brother he drove me up here for my birthday. Then.... ???: (YN)!! You turn and see......

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