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Author's Note; Hey Peeps!! I hope you'll like this new story, The idea was just begging to be written soo Yeah!! ;)) Hope you like it ;D & I wouldn't mind for any suggestions and I'm sorry if there any wrong grammars spelling etc, so please bare with me :). Thank yous ;D




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I stood there in the middle of Midnight High School of Canada not knowing what to do, I already found out who my mate is, but I'm not so sure if he'll accept me. I scanned around and looked for him. I felt relieved when I saw him, I slowly made my way to the biggest jerk/player/jock you name it, not to mention future Alpha. I shivered at that thought. I tapped him lightly at the shoulders and  sighed, here we go I thought to myself.

He turned around and smirked "Well look here, the cutest dork of em' all" He said and his crew laughed, as for me I felt my face burn up. "Can I talk to you?" He nodded and I added "Alone?" He looked at his crew and they left."What's up, buttercup?" I looked at him and smiled. "That rhymed," I pointed out, he laughed "Oh yeah! So what's up, Case?" He looked down at me, you know at the age of fifteen he's tall, 5'11 if I'm correct, and here I am looking up at him. Me a 5 foot even honey brown-eyed girl. "I- Uhm- You're.." I stuttered he looked at me and smirked "What?" He asked.

I looked down, this is so harder than I thought "Iwasjustwonderingifyouknewyou'remymate?" I breathe and looked up at him, his black eyes showed mercy, sadness, and...pity? Why pity? He should be happy right? He finally found his mate.

He looked away, I instantly knew something wasn't right. "Hey, umm Jace, what's wrong?" he looked down "You're not my mate." He said in a whisper, but I was able to hear it very clearly. I looked up at him in shock, "Wha..what?" I asked stuttering "I said you're not my mate, and you'll never will be!" he yelled quietly, and with that he walked away leaving me wondering. Did he just reject me? his one and only mate? with that I looked around grab my thing and head home.

Guess I'll  ask my mom to prepare my room in L.A now.


I knew it! I knew she was my mate, its just hard for me to accept it yet. Maybe 'cause I just can't give up my player card yet. The Jones brothers walked in casually, I was expecting Casey behind them, but she wasn't there. Its been three days since I saw her, since I rejected her.

Did I hurt her that bad? I didn't mean to, I'm just not ready to have a mate. Lane, the oldest of the four sat down next to me, where he usually sits "Hey Dale, Casey wants you to have this" he gave me a folded note, and shrugged "Where is she, anyways?" I asked him, he looked at me "It was suppose to be in the note." He said poking the note in my hands. I looked at him and opened the note.


Dear Jace,

I get it, you don't want me as your mate, you want somebody like Skylar, well I'm nothing like her and I'm sorry, if It came out of nowhere I just want you to know, but I guess practicing in the mirror didn't help.. aha. So anyways I moved to...somewhere and I just wanna let you know, in case you were wondering where I am so yeah, see you soon 'Mate that rejected me' 


Casey Jones.

After reading that letter for about fifteen times, It hit me.. she left and I don't know where she went, my wolf was just begging to come out then and there, and after his mate, unfortunately he accepted her, and I didn't. So basically my wolf hates me right now/ I turn to Nate, the second oldest, and asked him "When did Case leave?" He was surprise, "Like yesterday...why?" I shook my head "Where did she go?" He raised his eyebrows at me "Oh, umm let's see..." He said putting his finger at his chin and snapped his fingers "L.A!" He said smiling proudly that he remembered "What?!!!" I jumped up from my chair,  facing him. "She moved to America?!"


I think it ended up pretty well so..umm tell me what you think &&&&


and Yeahh :)) Thanksies :DD


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