Brother+Sister {Incest Story}


[Annemarie's outfit: Black Yoga Shorts, Purple Cami, Blonde hair in messy bun with black headband] 

*Wrote this on my iPod.  

Annemarie's POV  


I haven't met my new stepdad and brother yet. They're coming in a hour. My stepdad and my mom are going to Italy..for their honeymoon. They are leaving today, my new brother is staying with me. I sipped my fizzy drink and took a bite of my ramen noodles. Would if he is annoying? Would if! Would if! Ugh, stop worrying, Annemarie! You will find out! 


[1 hour later..]

DING DONG! I gasped, they're here! I scrambled downstairs. I opened the door..O TO THE M TO THE G!! Is that really my new stepbrother?! He is HAWT! His blue eyes sparkle and has perfect brown hair with a quiff. Wait, is this wrong?!  

"Anne, this is your stepfather and your stepbrother, James." My mother smiled.  

"Huh? Oh hi!" I snapped out of my daydream! I hugged both of them. James is so fit! My parents grabbed their suitcases. "See you guys in two weeks!" They smiled and went out the door. "Hi.." I shyly said. "Hey," He replied, smiling. "Want to bake with me..?" I asked. "Sure!" He said.  


Soon the baking turned into a food fight. I threw flour and eggs at him. I giggled and there was food all over the floor! I slipped and fell on James. My cleavage was in his face! I blushed and quickly got off of him. I cleaned the  

kitchen and went upstairs. Me and James are sharing rooms. His side his plain because he's going to decorate his side. My side is already decorated. I stripped naked and looked through my dresser. CREEEEEK! I heard my door being opened. My window was opened so I thought it was the wind. I ignored it and gasped when I turned around. "Leaping Lizards!" I screamed and covered myself up. James was still standing there wide eyed. I quickly put on a random T-shirt and some baby blue panties, no pants. "James?" I wave my hand infront of him. "Oh, sorry.." He blushed and went downstairs. I took out my iPhone and started texting my BFF, Lisa: 

•Me: Lisa, please sleepover and bring a lot of food!! 

•Lisa: Okie dokie :D xx 


[15 mins later] 

I heard the doorbell ring and I raced downstairs. "Hi, Lisa!" I quietly said. 

"Is your brother here?" Lisa asked. "Yeah, I have a lot to tell you." I pointed James, he was in the kitchen.  

"Holy Chiz, he's cute." She giggled. I playfully hit her arm. 


I explained everything to Lisa. When I finished, she was gaping. "So, you like your brother..isn't that illegal?" Lisa asked. "Yeah, also, it is..promise not to tell ANYONE?" I told her. She pinkied promised and we started to dig into our snacks.  



I couldn't sleep, Lisa was already in her sleeping bag, sleeping. I stared at the ceiling, in my comfy bed. I heard the door open quietly. James quickly got into bed. "James?" I whispered. "Shh, go to sleep, I love you." He whispered. "I love you, too." I smiled. A few minutes later, I felt someone get in bed with me. A pair of two strong arms, were around me. I smiled and drifted to sleep.  


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Liam Payneas James
Maia Mitchellas Lisa

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