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chasing the dream \\ c.d


Danny's P.O.V.

We all stood there for a moment, paralyzed about what had just happened. Then they all started yelling. I backed up, only to find the iron door sealed. 

I was freaking. WHAT THE HECK? I mean it had to be a hallucination. Maybe I ate bad school food. Aw, who am I kidding, it's always bad. Even if it was just my imagination, why were they acting so weird??? I... But... Oh my gosh!! 

Chase must have seen the look on my face. "HEY! EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" that suprised me, and obviously the other Davenports too. Chase never got angry, or yelled, "You guys, give her space. Now," he turned to his siblings and step dad.

"But Chase!" They all said in unison. "She... She... Look what's happening right now!" Donald exclaimed

"Well what do you want to do, Mr. Davenport????" Chase was getting riled up.

"Hey, I've got some memory blink powder, in the back, I'll just'"-

"NO! NO, that's not happening!" Bree and Adam nodded their head vigurously, agreeing with their brother.

"No one's supposed to know. She can't know. I've got to flash her memory! She has to go!!!" Mr. D cried.

And now I was scared. I whimpered, and caught the attention of the people standing around me. Then I lost it. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I turned and started pounding on the door. Tears streamed down my face. To a random person, I probably looked like an escaped mental convict. But hey, I wasn't the best at acting quickly on the spot.

Suddenly, big, strong, tanned arms wrapped around, carressing my hair. "Leave her alone guys," Chase murmered, and I heard reluctant foot steps out of the room. He pulled me over to a large recliner and sat there cradling me, until I realised who was holding me. I shot up, knocking Chase in the jaw.

"Listen, Danny"-

"No. No no no no no! I don't. I don't... I... I just...Oh my gosh!!!" Tears silently ran down my face, and I frantically wiping them of my cheeks.

"Please! Let me talk!"

"What the heck were you just doing?" Floating... Speeding... Insanely lifting???"

"Danny. Danielle Marie Knightsley, look at me," Chase's hand gently took hold of my jaw, and turned me to face him, "I'm not normal, okay?" He saw my "no duh"  face, and quickly continued, "My mom and dad aren't my parents. Adam and Bree aren't my siblings. They aren't my siblings, they're just part of the invention. My dad's," And from there on, Chae explained everything. An hour later, we were still talking, and I had even laughed a couple times.

"Wait, so your fighting skills?..." I wondered.

"Part of our training," Chase told me.

"Well, I think I should test that out," I smirked.

"No way, I'm not fighting a girl!" Chase said, understanding what I meant.

"Oh, you're right.The girl's gonna be fighting you," I said snidley with a wink.

"Really? Oh, it's on!" Chase pulled out a mat and set it on the concrete floor. He looked up at me.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Whenever you are,"

I swung the first pucnh at his ear, and he swivled his head as my fist narrowly missed him. He smiled as I jumped up and flipped over his attempt to knock me to the ground with a sweep kick.

We punched, kicked, and flipped for about three minutes, until the whole family came into the lab. (Yes, I had been informed of EVERYTHING) They didn't say anything for a while, just watched us in awe, 'till Bree spoke. "Ummm... What???"

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Billy Ungeras Chase
Kelli Berglundas Bree
Spencer Boldmanas Adam
Tyrel Jackson Williamsas Leo
Angel Parkeras Tasha
Hal Sparksas Donald
Britt Robertsonas Danielle
Gabby Douglasas Aliyah

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