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"A Famous Secret" Becky G, Austin Mahone


''Beck- I mean Rebecca I am sorry I just need to do some paper work,'' said Jonathan.

''You are stuck with us hunny,'' said Austin. That boy some day I wil get revenge on him I swear. But not for now...

'Beep Beep' my phone rang a little bit meaning I had a new messege. But from who?

Uknown Number- Hey Bec it's me Robert or 'Robertito' as you call me ... So I was wondering can we meet up at the park later

Me- Sure, but right now I can't maybe in 30 minutes?

I saved his number to my phone and waited for his response

''Becca, come on'' called Michelle as she got her purse and keys.

Robert- Ok! Tell me when though.

''I am going,'' I say. Austin, Alex, and Michelle where already at the front door waiting for me.

''Hurry up babe,'' said Alex.

''Anymore nicknames?'' I ask them both as I make my way to the front door where they are.

''Actually yes!'' says Austin.

''Come on guys,'' calls Michelle

''Going... Come on losers we have to go,'' I say to them both as I drag them to the car.

''Whoa come on Becca,'' says Austin as we enter the car.

''So howcome you were here?'' I asked Austin

''You know just to sign some of the paper for the signing,'' he responded

''What label?''

''Sony Music'' He anwsered

''Cool I a-'' I was about to blur out that I was signed with them , but I stoped ''So anyone else hungry?''

''You what?'' asked Alex.

''I am- hungry?'' I say but, comes out more like a question.

''Are you sure about that, it sounded like you are not,'' said Alex

''Yeah Yeah I am positivly sure,'' I say ''anyways can we hurry up to the house?''

''Almost there, why honney?'' responded Michele.

''Oh I am meeting up with someone,'' I responded calmy

''With who?'' asked Austin.

'''Metich- wait no I mean none of your buisness'' I say

''Where you just talking spanish?'' asked Alex

''Maybe so maybe not,'' I anwser to confusse him.

''We are here!'' calls Michelle from the drivers ''seat, I quickly get of the car and on the process i almost squish Alex. Oh well I don't weight much, do I?

''Rebecca!'' hissed Alex

''Yes?'' I ask inocently

''You, are going to pay well can I pay later I need to go somewhere'' I say as I head to my house by crossing the frontyard in between our houses. Something I always do, nothing new. Bro! I quickly entered my house and pulled out my phone and started texting robert to tell I will be in my way in 5 minutes, I go to my room and pick out and outfit nothing fancy just some skinny jeans with my dafne paradise shirt from brandy melville and some red high tops. Almost when I was done I recived a text from Robert telling me he was 5 minutes away from the park. Oh gosh I need to hurry up! I quickly text Jonathan telling him where I am going to be and headed to the park. Luckily Austin and Alex weren't outside or they would have followed me.

I was at the park wondering around looking for Robert when I decided to pull out my phone and ask him where he was, and within 60 seconds he had anwser me telling me he was by the ice cream truck. Typical Robert! I started walking towards the ice cream truck that wasn't that far away I could see it on the distance.

''Are you Becky G?'' I heared someone ask, I couldn't afford him finding out he was within 5 feet infront of me but, he was turned around so he couldn't see me.

''Beccy who?'' I asked

''Becky G, you know rapper, beautiful girl, singer, song writer'' she said.

''Never have I heared of her,'' I said

''Oh well never minf but, be sure to check her out on Youtube she is really talented'' she said I just wanted to go to her and her hug her all those nice things she said about me. I waited till she walked away and was a few distance behind to go up to Robert.

''Hey, Robertito!'' I exclaimed as I jumped in his back causing him to get scared.

''What- Oh, hey Rebecca,'' said Robert once he noticed it was me.

''Hey!'' I said as I got off his back I could tell he was nervous, but why?

''What's up boyito?'' I ask trying to mix they word boy and ito together.

''Did you just call me bosheito?'' asked Robert who had a hard time trying to pronounce the word boyito in spanish. ''Anyways want to get some ice cream and then go walk around the park?'' he asked.

''Yeah sure!'' I chirped.

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