Come And Find Me

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 I stand here alone staring out at the open sea no one can be seen for miles around a beach of beauty and serenity I close my eyes the sand surrounding my feet beyond this beach is the most secluded most beautiful flower field to be found on this earth here is where I will remain till my one true love comes and finds me the wait is not a burden for me to me it’s a test of love and commitment to my soul mate who ever she may be this field filled with flowers and a calm gentle warm wind shakes all the flowers making more of their kind stopping my heart with their beauty this is where I know we will meet where I stand breathing the warm air knowing this air is not your time and space I draw you close with every breath I will be here waiting for you among the flowers I keep me in a vacant lot in ivy’s forget me not so you can come and untangle me one of these days come and find me now .