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Camp Crazy

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               I walked over to Max after spending a reasonable amount of time staring at him. I had woken up too early because I was worried about him. Last night felt weird to me, like if something stabbed me in the heart. I shifted from my bed to his and I laid my hand on his still chest. I wasn't even distracted by his beauty, I just wanted to care for him in his time of need.

               I smiled to myself, I was changing and I was enjoying this new feeling. It was almost like having a metamorphosis. From Colin one to Colin two. I preferred Colin two, he was much more happy. And to think that I'm going to lose him at the end of the summer.

               He suddenly started moving; Causing me to step back.

               "Max?" I asked in a halcyon voice. That's when I saw the color of his face fade. My eyes bulged and I ran towards the bathroom with a bucket and brought it back rapidly. "Max, here." I watched him take the bucket and I looked away as he threw up.

               There's no way I'm kissing him now, until he brushes his teeth for the next five days. I took the bucket back as he sank back down into his bed. Okay, what do I do with a bucket of vomit. I walked outside quickly and saw some random person walking.

               "Hey you!" I screamed at her. "Here!" I gave her the bucket, she looked at it confused and I ran back inside before she looked at what was inside. I heard her scream and I giggled to myself.

               I looked over at Max, his eyes were wide open now but I was concerned. He looked so down and hopeless. I walked over to him and sat beside him. He didn't look at me. I stayed quiet while I planned out what I was going to say.

               I opened my mouth to speak but he spoke first.

               "You didn't do anything." He said in a subtle voice.

               "Are you mad at me?" I asked him, looking away from his eyes now. Does he even remember anything from last night? Well obviously he does. I hope I didn't do anything wrong, I really don't want him to get upset with me.

               "No, Colin." Listening to him say my name put a smile on my face.

               "What happened then? I tried to look for you but it's like you disappeared from earth." I touched his free hand but he quickly pulled it back. That hurt.

               "Payne," He murmured. "He..."

               He didn't finish the sentence, instead he brought his hands to his face. Did Payne give him the alcohol? Of course Payne would. He pulled his hands away and looked at me, they way he looked at me was emotionally aching.

               "What's wrong Max? You're upsetting me."

               "He drugged me."

               I pursed my eyebrows together as I processed. "He...drugged you? He gave you drugs?"

               "After you left...he came to me," He was hesitating. "And blackmailed me."

               "What?" My eyes opened wide with shock. "How? With what?"

               "He knows about us. The thing is, I wasn't going to give a damn. I was going to let him tell the world if he wanted. I don't care. But he punched me and I blacked out."

               My jaw fell to the floor. Is that why he has that bruise on his stomach? Freaking Payne hit him? Oh hell no. He's about to to die, that mother freaker! He's going down. No one messes with my Max. No one except me!

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Unknownas Max
Unknownas Colin
Andy Sixxas Payne
Megan Foxas Ariel
Hayley Williamsas Mari
Luke Worralas Luca

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