Home Run (A Scotty McCreery Fanfic)


Hey guys! This is one of my first stories on here, so it is probably going to be bad, but oh well! Please comment and let me know what you think! I have to give a lot of credit to my best friend, Hayley for a lot of the ideas! I hope you like it!


"Hello, Gabi! Welcome to Garner!" The peppy principal said while I sat down in the chair in her office.  

"Thank you, Mrs. Staples." I said while she grabbed a stack of papers from her desk and handed them to me.  

"This is the school handbook and your schedule for this semester. You are with a group of good students, so you should be alright. Your first class is chemistry with Mrs. Brooks in room 234. That is right up the staircase by the nurses office and then make a left. Any questions?" Mrs. Staples asked. 

"No, I think that's it!" I replied, eager to explore the school. 

"Have a good day, Gabi!" She called after me as I got up to leave her office.

I walked past the nurses office and started up the steps. I couldn't help but think how much different this school was from my old one. I used to live in Chicago, and my school was huge. Now I live in Garner, North Carolina, which is a lot smaller. Even in a huge school like my old one, I still managed to only have one close friend, Bethany. I was always shy, but I didn't see how I only managed to have one close friend.

As I was walking to my classroom, I managed to spot the girls bathroom and thought I would use this opportunity to my advantage. I walked into the bathroom and looks in the mirror. I took the ponytail out if my hair and put my long brown hair into a loose braid over my shoulder. I adjusted my purple and white plaid shirt. I took one last glance at my reflection in the mirror before walking out. I was determined to make a good first impression.

I approached the door with the number "234" on the sign on it. I grabbed the handle and froze. I sudden rush of panic overcame me. I peeked through the window on the door and after a few more seconds of debating wether to go back to the girls bathroom and hide, I felt the door handle turn from the inside. Before I knew it, I was looking up at a intimidating, tall, black-haired lady who was staring at me.  

"Are you Gabi?" She growled at me. 

"Yes" I managed to squeak out. 

She slammed a textbook into my arms. "Here is your textbook. Find a seat wherever you can." 

I turned around and scanned the class for an empty seat. I spotted one towards the back and practically sprinted to it.

"Hi! I'm Elizabeth, but everybody calls me Ellie. What's your name?" The blond girl sitting next to me asked. 

"I'm Gabi. Nice to meet you!" 

"You too. Don't worry, Mrs. Brooks is a monster to everyone. It's not just you." 

Man, could this girl read minds or what?!? 

"Ok, good! What time does this class end?" I asked 

"11:30. We have about 3 minutes left. What class do you have next?" 

I dug around my pile of papers that Mrs. Staples gave me to find my schedule.  

"Chours!" I replied, happy to see that on my schedule. I loved to sing, even though I wasn't good at it.

The rest of my day went very good. I was surprised that even though I'm in my Junior year in high school, I still got accepted. Usually people don't want to accept new people into the group of friends they have had for years. Ellie introduced me to some if her friend at lunch, Skylar, Anna, and Chloe.

On the way out of school, I stopped into Mrs. Staples' office to ask about sports. I love to play softball. I was the starting pitcher for my school team in Chicago. I was even going to play in the state competition, but then I moved.

"Hi Gabi! How was your first day?" She asked as soon as I walked in.  

"Great! I just wanted to see if I am able to play a sport this year." 

"Of course! What sport are you interested in?" 


As soon as I said that, her face fell.  

"Im sorry Gabi, we don't have a softball team here at Garner. There were not enough girls interested. A few of them tried out for the baseball team, but none of the girls made it. I could try to contact Coach Megner if you would like to try baseball." She replied.

No softball team?!?! Way to ruin my first day.

"I will try baseball." I replied.  

"Great! I will talk to Coach Megner. Be prepared to try out tomorrow by practicing with the team. See you then!"

I was determined to make the team. I am going to make it.

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