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Chapter One

I had grown up believing that stealing was wrong and sinful. But now, this was a different situation. I was starving. I hadn't had any food for the last four days and I was tired of hearing my stomach growl at me, begging for me to eat something. My body was weak and my clothes were loose around my body. If I continued to stay on this non-eating streak, I would surely die.

I inched up to the stands that held the apples for sale and reached my hand out once I knew that the man wasn't looking. I grabbed the reddest apple that was sitting on the top and folded it into the apron that I was wearing. The man turned to me and smiled.

“How may I help you, Miss?”

I smiled back, knowing that I looked completely innocent.

“I was just looking. Thank you.”

He nodded, unhappy that I was wasting his time and not spending my money. It was too bad the man would never receive any of my money, but I would still receive his food. I walked away with a large smile on my face, knowing that I had found part of my dinner and had gotten away with it.

I continued to walk down the cobblestone street and listened to the familiar shouts from the sellers in the marketplace.

“Fresh, large hams that would be great for a feast tonight! Just slaughtered this morning!”

From the looks of the hams, no; they were not slaughtered this morning. They looked like they had been hanging on the hooks for more than a couple of days. I walked past, towards the bakery, and smelt the delicious bread cooking in the ovens. I walked in, my mouth watering, and looked at all the golden loaves sitting on their displays.

“How may I help you?” A heavyset man at the counter asked cheerfully.

I continued to stare at the bread in longing, wishes that I could hold a loaf in my hands.

“How much for that loaf?” I pointed at one in front of me, then looked up at the man. He took in my dirt smeared face and my dirty apron, then looked back up into my blue eyes.

“One shilling.”

I slipped a hand in my pocket of my apron and frowned when it came out empty.

“Miss, please leave if you have no money. I do not run a charity house here.”

I looked up at his muddy brown eyes, then back at the bread. He wouldn't be able to chase me if I took the bread. And without thinking, I reached my hand out and swiped the loaf and took off running.

“Miss! Miss! Get back here with my bread!” He shouted after me. I continued to run down the street and heard the whistle from the constable as he ran after me. I continued to run down the street and turned a corner, meaning to stay away from the constable. I looked around at my surroundings as I leaned against a brick wall of a building and caught my breath. Good, I was close to my home.

I walked down the street, being extremely cautious, and took a bite out of the bread in my hand. I rounded another corner and saw the constables standing in front of my small house. They were carrying the little furniture that I had left out of the house, because I had not been able to pay my daily rent ever since Mother died. I was going to simply walk away, when I realized that Mother's necklace had to still be in the house.

I walked to the back of the house and found the back door, and secretly made my way up the stairs. I made sure to sidestep the creaks that would give me away. The house was simple and small, and at times there were bugs and rats that would crawl around, but we generally kept the place clean. I walked a few feet forward to the door to our room and checked inside to make sure nobody was in there. The room was almost empty, the only thing remaining was the bed against the wall. I counted floorboards as I walked and stopped once I got to the 53rd board. I tapped it lightly with my foot and noticed that it was still loose.

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Chapter One


Sarah Bolgeras Nicolette Thorpe
James Purefoyas Captain Phineas Baker
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