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Beautiful Girl


:Beautiful Girl: Chapter Six


AlexPOV (Just because he's so damn adorable :D)


I woke up early, cause that's what I usually pretty much do. Turning over, I realised that Johnny had just been playing on my piano last night.

No one ever knew that I played a piano.

Not even my sister.


Groaning and stretching, I jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly. Checking at the clock it was already 10AM. And Emma had happened to take us all shopping. FML! That was the number one thing I could never stand!

Sighing, I went over to my piano and sat. It was a present from my Grandma who I had been with very close. She was lovely, caring and the best Grandma you could ever have. She knew I was different, aside from my usual player self and so she had got me a piano, knowing that I would do something that I liked.

Playing Grenade by Bruno Mars, I let my fingers flow through the keys. It was beautiful to think that I could play it.

At the end, I sat on the piano and just thought of Johnny.

She was sweet, gentle and just...beautiful.

But, I just only liked her like a sister. Well ok more than that, but still.

"ALEX, go wake up your friend, we're leaving now." Emma yelled.

Sighing again, I got up and went over to Emma's room, where Johnny was sleeping.

Her brown hair was strewn against the pillow, her lavender eyelids, closed peacefully.

Crouching down, I whispered into her ear. "Johnny."

She rolled over, mumbling slightly.

"C'mon Johnny. Wakey wakey."

No movement at all.

Sighing I left and decided to use my last weapon and that was dumping water on her head.

Grabbing the bucket, I tossed it over her, making her open her eyes with shock and making me go down to the floor laughing.


"Alex, I hate you." She poked her tongue at me adorably.

"And I love you too."

Wait. Where the heck did that come from?

"Awww. No seriously why the heck did you do that? I was having a good sleep."

Yep, dreaming of me!

"Fine, I'll tell you. We're going out shopping." I grimaced.

"This is from Emma, right?"

"Definitely. She's like Alex, you need a new shirt." I imitated Emma, putting on that voice of hers. "And I don't think we could weasel out this one. She's pretty demanding."

"Ah hell."

Tell me about it.

"Yep. Well c'mon, get dressed. We're leaving like now."

"Now? What time is it?"

I grabbed the digital clock and shoved it at her face.

"Holly crap. Alright I'll get up. And on the way, do me a favour and go yell at your sister for making us go shopping."

I did a mock salute and then dashed out the door.

"Emma, Johnny wanted to tell me to tell you that she's annoyed at you for making her go shopping."

"I don't care." She retorted and then screamed at Johnny. "Hurry up Johnny, we're in the car."

"Alright woman." Johnny yelled back.

"Alex, go pick her up we haven't go all day."

"Will do."

Going back inside, I saw her and immediately hoisted her up. She was so light and checking her ass out, it wasn't so bad either.


"No. You're much too fun and your face is cute when you're scared." I smirked.

She blushed heavily.

Walking over to my baby I dumped her in the backseat and got in next to her.

"Arrogant, cocky jerk," she muttered and then put on the sunnies and blasted her Ipod.

"You know you should put that down. It's really loud and it can hurt your ears." I accused.

"Oh sorry mum." She rolled her eyes.

Seriously she looked so cute like that!

"So people while you too argue about how loud music is supposed to be, I'm taking both of you shopping for clothes." Emma was driving my car a slight smirk on her face.

"But Emma why me? I mean I don't need new stuff, I like what I have." Johnny whined.

"Wearing shirts, jumpers and jeans every day is a crime. Nope, I'm getting you the girly stuff."

"Seriously? I'd probably chuck all of it out the window."

I laughed.

Emma just rolled her eyes.


Getting suddenly bored, I decided to play Angry Birds on my Iphone. Yes I'm sad but I'm terrible playing at it.

Grabbing the bird, I pulled back and tried aiming at the pig but only made it go backwards.

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:Beautiful Girl: Chapter Six


Chord Overstreetas Alex Blake
Dianna Agronas Johnny (Annabelle) Johnson
Chace Crawfordas Daniel Baker
Blake Livelyas Emma Blake
Selena Gomezas Luce Cartwell

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