Ever since yesterday’s accident no one has ever said any rude comments towards me. Brandon, Wyatt and Gabe haven’t even showed up to school because of their beating from Logan and Brian. Today was like any other day except for not getting called a fag or being punched in the gut by Brandon and his goonies. I dropped the twins in day care before going to class which so happens to be English. English was the one of the few classes where I get tormented because Brandon, Wyatt and Gabe are in it. I walked to my locker and found Logan standing by it which I found to be strange.

“Hey” he greeted me once I was standing in front of him

“Um, hi?” I replied                                                                  

“I was wondering if I can walk with you to class” he smiled. I think my heart just stopped.

“Uh, sure, I guess that’ll be alright” I replied opening my locker and pulling out my English note book and my other class things. We walked to class and I just found out he’s in my class and sits next to me. I think I’m going to die. I have the hottest guy in class. Oh boy this will be a fun year.

“So tell me about you?” he asked

“What do you want to know?” I replied as we approached the classroom

“Whatever you want to tell me”

“Alright, well let’s see, I live with my mom, my brother and my sons. I’m 16 and a freshman. My brother and the guys from the soccer team along with Johnny, Molly, and Hannah are very protective of me. I’m gay. I get bullied” I said. He nodded and opened the door. We walked in and Miss Rebecca smiled and greeted us

“Hello boys”

“Hello Miss Rebecca” we said in unison. I gulped and put my head down as we walked to our seats. I could feel the class‘s eyes on me and Logan. I could hear people whispering but quickly stopped. I wonder why. I looked up and saw Logan glaring at them, he looked down when he noticed I was staring and gave me a smile. I smiled back and sat on my seat as he sat on his.

“Why do you hang your head?” I heard him ask

“Because I don’t want them to see my bruises and pain” I whispered

“You shouldn’t hang your head Hunter. You should hold your head up. Holding your head down is a sign of weakness and I know you’re not weak, your strong so hold it high up and it’ll show people that you’re not weak” he replied with sincerity in his voice. I looked up and searched his eyes to see if he was lying but I only found truth in them.

“You honestly think that I’m strong?” I asked after a few seconds. He nodded

“The strongest that I’ve ever met, even though you were being bullied you were strong not to show them the damage they had been doing to you. You might have made a few noises here and there but the way that you dealt with it shows you’re brave. You’re raising your sons alone, well with the help of your friends and family, but the fact that you had decided to raise them shows that you are willing to show them love something that I doubt they would know if they hadn’t been with you.” he said, I could hear people murmuring around us.

“And you block negativity that is around. You don’t let words get to you, you’re a great person Hunter and it’s a shame that no one sees that” he added looking at everyone in the room. I saw them all gaping at what Logan had said.

“Why are you being so nice to me, Logan, you don’t have to pretend to like me” I said, making my heart break