Logan’s POV

Today was mine and my siblings first day of school and I had this feeling in my chest that I would find my mate. My wolf has been jumping up and down with happiness. I wonder how she looks like. She must be very beautiful. My parents had divorces a few years ago but remained friends. I’m glad that they could still be friends even after the divorce. We had moved to London because of a disagreement with a local pack. Yes, pack. I’m a werewolf and second in line for Alpha. My older brother is next to take over after my dad steps down. The pack consists of over 300 wolves, both war wolves and trackers. My parents never marked each other because they knew that their true mates were out there somewhere. They had been married for 25 years but they had recently split. The five of us weren’t upset with that, we were actually happy because they were now free to be with who they were meant to be with. They actually split when we got here about a week ago. I know what you’re thinking, who starts school a month after it already started right? We actually had already enrolled in school prior to us moving so we already had everything we needed when we came here.

The only thing that was needed to be done was for Liam, Rachel, and I to show up so we could start. I’m 18 years old and a junior in high school while Rachel and Liam are both a sophomore and freshmen. Rachel is 16 years old. She has black hair and green eyes just like dad. She always tends to start fights which she always wins. She may look like a girly-girl but she’s far from that. She actually is more like a tomboy/girly-girl. She likes dressing good but she also likes to play rough, like play soccer, football and dirt bike. Yes you heard right, she likes playing football and dirt bike. She’s actually a champion in dirt bike. She has won over 34 metals, both gold and silver; she has won trophies as well. She has placed first in over 23 states. Well enough of her, let’s talk about my little brother, Liam. He’s 17 years old. He has dark brown hair just like mine but the only difference between us is our eyes. He has green eyes just like our mom while I had sapphire eyes like my dad. He’s like my sister. They both like to start fights, they love playing football and dirt bike. Between the two of them they had won over 100 metals and 34 trophies and placing first place in 46 states. He likes to always have his hair in spikes while Rachel loves to have hers up in a messy bun. My older brother’s name is Kris, he’s 24 years old, and he’s the exact replica of my dad. He has dark hair, sapphire eyes; he’s 6’7 and had muscles in all the right places. Like my dad he likes to always be in his office or with his mate. He’s the first male to have a male as a mate but the pack has accepted that and has welcomed Mike into the pack with open arms. Mike’s a charming guy; he gets along with everyone in. He has blonde hair and light blue eyes. He’s human but that doesn’t change anything. He accepted Kris and they have been married for two years. They had decided to start a family so they adopted a little girl a few months ago. She’s about 4 months old. She has light blue eyes like Mike’s and dark hair like Kris. We all thought that they had a surrogate mother because Nicole looks like the two of them.

Lastly, my older sister, her name’s Eleanor. She looks my mom. She has black hair and green eyes. She moved to Ireland with her mate and is Luna of his pack. I haven’t seen her in over 6 years. She’s 26 years old. We all were happy she found her mate but that happiness was turned to sadness when she told us that she was leaving the pack to become Luna of her mate’s pack. Her mate’s name is Micah and is 28 years old. He has blue eyes and blond hair. He’s a nice guy and I’m glad my sister has found her mate because she deserves to be happy. I sighed and got out my bed.


“I’M UP MOTHER. I’LL BE DOWN IN A FEW. I NEED TO SHOWER” I got of my bed letting my feet hit to hard wood floor of my room. I hated waking up early. I looked at the time and it was a little over 6:50 school doesn’t start until a quarter passed 7. I walked to my walk in closet, yes walk in, and pulled out my outfit for today which consisted of a white button up shirt, a graphic t-shirt and khaki shirts. I grabbed boxers. I walked out and headed to my in suit bathroom. I turned the water on before stripping down my pants along with my boxers. Once the bathroom was covered in fog I got in letting the hot water hit every muscle. I washed up and got out of the shower, dried of the water and walked back into my room to change. I looked at the clock and it was 6:55. Hmm, I guess I only took a five minute shower which normally never happens. I usually take 20 minute showers. I dressed in the clothes I had picked out and walked to my mirror to style my hair up. Once it was perfect I grabbed my backpack and car keys and walked downstairs where my mom, dad, and siblings were already eating.