He's so cute [book 1]


He drives a Porsche while I drive with my brother on his run down Toyota. He’s captain of the football team and I get beaten by the team. He gets all the girls, while I get bruises. He goes to parties while I stay home and my sons. He has friends while I have enemies. He’s popular and I’m a nerd. He’s so cute. Everything about him is perfect.

He’s a nerd, I’m popular. He’s brother drives him to school. I drive my Porsche. I’m captain of the football team. He’s on the math team. I party when he doesn’t. He has a brother, I have four siblings. I’m outgoing and he’s shy. I eat with my gang while he eats with his friends. He’s human and weak, I’m a werewolf and strong. I’m second to the Alpha title. He has me in his hands, yet he doesn’t know. He’s so cute. Everything about him is intriguing.

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He's so cute


Tyler Hoechlinas Logan Levine
Dylan O'Brianas Hunter Stevens
Colton Haynes as Brian Stevens
Jack Harriesas Dylan Stone
Finn Harriesas Alex Stone
Tyler Poseyas Ethan Clearwater
Crystal Reedas Rachel Levine
Daniel Sharmanas Johnny Davis
Gage Golightlyas Hannah Clearwater
Katerina Grahamas Molly Lewis
Michael Trevinoas Gunnar Richards
Paul Wesleyas Brandon Micheals
Chace Crawfordas Liam Levine
Oleg Panovas Aiden Johnson
Matt Lanteras Kris Levine
Nick Carteras Mike Levine
Kate Beckinsaleas Jackie Levine-Stevens
Daniel Craigas Mitch Levine
Jennifer Connellyas Elana Roberts
Huge Jackmanas Steve Roberts

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