He drives a Porsche while I drive with my brother on his run down Toyota. He’s captain of the football team and I get beaten by the team. He gets all the girls, while I get bruises. He goes to parties while I stay home and my sons. He has friends while I have enemies. He’s popular and I’m a nerd. He’s so cute. Everything about him is perfect.

He’s a nerd, I’m popular. He’s brother drives him to school. I drive my Porsche. I’m captain of the football team. He’s on the math team. I party when he doesn’t. He has a brother, I have four siblings. I’m outgoing and he’s shy. I eat with my gang while he eats with his friends. He’s human and weak, I’m a werewolf and strong. I’m second to the Alpha title. He has me in his hands, yet he doesn’t know. He’s so cute. Everything about him is intriguing.