Justin:*looking down eyes closed*Please lord please

Ryan:*runs out over to justin smiling*Jb 

Justin:*looks over*Ry whats going on 

Ryan:*smiles big and hugs him tightly*She's alive

Justin:*pulls away his heart beats fast smiles big looks up*Thank you 

Ryan:*smiles big*April your wife she's alive

Justin:Huh *smiles big runs in the hospital*

Doctor:Mr Bieber i have amazing news for you your wife mrs bieber she made it before we pulled the plug she is alive and well and she is looking for you *smiles big*

Justin:*smiles big running*Thank you thank you so much doc

In April's Hospital Bedroom

April:*watching tv smiling giggling*

Justin:*runs in smiles big his heart jumps*Baby

April:*smiles big scoots a little*Baby lay next to me 

Justin:*smiles big walks over fast to her and lays next to her*

April:*smiles looks at him*May i help you

Justin:*smiles grabs her face and kisses her passionately*I love you so much baby 

April:I love you so much more baby *giggles they kiss again*

Justin:*smiles forehead against hers looking in her eyes*I thought i was going to lose you forever

April:I would never ever leave you *smiles*

Justin:I know but it gave me a scare i didnt wanna live anymore if i lost you *looking in her eyes serious*

April:*smiles*I just wanna ask you this if i didnt make it what would you be doing in your life

Justin:If i lost you forever i wouldnt wanna live anymore i would litereally die inside

April:Seriously babe *arms crossed*

Justin:Are you kidding me never ever your the only one *smiles looking in her eyes*

April:*smiles*Really there is no one else you would love

Justin:But why did you jump infront of me baby *looks at her*

April:I never wanna see anyone harm the man i love *smiles looks in his eyes*

Justin:I really have one amazing wife *smiles they kiss passionately*

April:*smiles*Im just got lucky i have you as my husband

Justin:*smiles they kiss passionately*Im never letting you go 

April:Question for you *giggles bites her lip*

Justin:Oh no *chuckles*

April:*giggles snuggles into him*Would you try loving someone else 

Justin:Nope cuz my heart would have died with you cuz there is no other girl i would ever love you are the only girl i could ever love i only have eyes for you i would use my dying breath just to love you you are worth more than anything else in my life *smiles looking in her eyes*i loved you then i loved you now and i will always love you and i will never stop loving you

April:*smiles looking in her eyes*I love you so much i will always love you no man will ever own my heart cuz it will always belong to you ill never stop loving you

Justin:*smiles big they kiss passionately

April:You saved me you know that *smiles and snuggles into him*

Justin:There isnt anything i wouldnt do just for you *smiles*

April:*smiles wraps her arms around him*I love you so much baby

Justin:*smiles*I love you so much more baby *they kiss passionately*

April:*smiles looking in his eyes*Forever

Justin:*smiles big kisses her sweetly*Forever